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Pro Q670M-C-CSM - missing from the SATA to RAID switching menu

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Advance -> PCH Storage configuration -> SATA Configuration (MISSING)  SATA to RAID switching menu
Intel RST 19.5 - no disks connected to system

The hardware Raid is indicated on the manufacturer’s website and in the documentation. There is no switching of SATA mode to RAID in the PCH Storage Conf.  The documentation describes the setup on a completely different version of the Bios interface. I downloaded everything from the site and updated it to the latest version. Did not help. Interface white-blue old version. 

No changes! Where is the Raid setting? I bought this expensive motherboard only because of the hardware Raid. What kind of deception is this!?

Bios version: 2611

ME FM version:

Intel Core i5 13400F, Kingston Fury Beast KF548C38BBK2-32 DDR5 - 2x 16ГБ, SSD Kingston DC600M [SEDC600M/960G]



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Hello, @OlegG 

Regarding the issue you described, we recommend starting by clearing the CMOS and then following the steps outlined in "[Motherboard] How to create Intel 600 series MB RAID in BIOS Setup."
This involves configuring settings such as the "Click [System Agent (SA) Configuration] item on Advanced page" and the "Click [VMD setup menu] item," while ensuring that the BIOS Advanced Mode > Boot page > [Launch CSM] setting is disabled.
If, after completing the aforementioned steps, you are still unable to configure SATA RAID, please assist us by providing a comprehensive video recording of the problem. 
This should include the BIOS setup steps, the items when saving settings, and the continued inability to configure SATA RAID.
This will help us gain a clearer understanding of your current configuration and potential issues. 
Thank you.