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PRIME Z690-P rgb lights up but nothing else happens

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Hello, I just installed this motherboard in a new pc build that I am working on.  When I plug in the power the rgb on the board lights up and when I push the power button the rgb on the memory will light up but nothing else happens no fans what so ever come on and everything acts like its dead other than the lights on the board.  None of the Q-LED lights are on.  I have rechecked my cables connections and they all look ok.  Just looking for ideas that I can check its been a long time since I have build a pc myself.  Thanks


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Problem has been solved.  


Hello, @Nerious 

I'm glad to see that you have resolved the issue.
In case you encounter similar problems in the future, we recommend referring to the following FAQs that might be related:
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If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to update your comment or PM me at any time. 

Thank you