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No display

Star I

After completing my build I turned my computer on and there is no display. I’ve tried unhooking everything and tied to use the integrated graphics with no luck. Everything seems to work as far as turning on, (I.E.) the fans, lights, and etc. all seem to be working. The monitor comes on and says no signal. I’ve tried to use the bios flash back after downloading the latest update from the web site and still nothing. 


Star II

I'm running (or attempting to) a B760M-PLUS WIFI D4.  In the upper right corner of the MOBO are a series of lights that turn on/off etc during boot up.  Like yours, my fans turn on, everything seems normal but there is no display.  However, after reading further into it, I can see that there is an amber light that stays on (in upper right corner of MOBO) which indicates mine has an issue with DRAM.  I have yet to solve it but I thought this might help you troubleshoot your issue in case you weren't aware of the diagnostic lights.
Good luck.