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Motherboard Graphics


I am interested in buying a PRIME B650M-A AX II motherboard.

It's been over a decade since I last bought a board... I am surprised that I can't find info in the description about the on board graphics performance?

I do have the old graphics card from my last computer which has a passmark score of 631.

Just wondering what my best options are? I have heard you can get cards where you can add a card but still run your monitor off the existing ports?



Hello, @MatthewMachinis 

Regarding the integrated graphics performance, it varies depending on the CPU you have installed. 
We recommend checking your specific CPU against the CPU QVL for the PRIME B650M-A AX II to ensure compatibility. 
You can find guidance in the following articles:
[Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List?
[Motherboard] How to determine if my CPU supports Integrated graphics?
Could you please provide more details about your usage requirements?
Do you need to use both integrated and discrete graphics? 
If so, you can refer to [Motherboard] How to enable iGPU Multi-Monitor to have dual-screen display.

Thank you.

Thanks for the links, you made my day.

Thanks for the reply, I was planning on using the Ryzen 5 7600X, I followed your link and found it can be used for graphics. It has a passmark score for graphics of 1732, which is better than what I have now.

My computer is mostly for home use, but I sometimes use it for simple parts with Fusion 360... which I mostly use at work. So I think I will try onboard graphics first and upgrade if I need to.