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a problem in bios version 1658

Star I

my motherboard is PRIME B760M-A D4 i updated bios from 1604 to 1658 but after i updated i got big spike in latency




BIOS and chipset behavior

The highest measured SM BIOS interrupt or other stall was 224 microseconds. This is considered poor behavior. Your system may have difficulty handling multimedia in real-time and may be subject to unexpected stutters and unresponsive behavior 


when it was 1604 it was ok latency between 10-40ms. 

i tried reinstalling chipset driver but it did nothing.

could this be a problem from bios itself?



Star III

I have the same mobo.  After Asus put out 2 faulty BIOSes in 1220 and 1402, neither of which would run the XMP profile on 3200 Mhz RAM, I am taking a cautious approach to BIOS updates.  I am currently on 1604 and plan to stick with that unless an update is issued to correct a CVE or some other security or operational issue.  I used to keep current on the BIOS but now I am taking an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach.


Hello, @Ali95 

Could you confirm if the latency you described pertains to system operation delays?
Have you performed a clear CMOS and reboot after updating the BIOS to verify if the latency issue improves?
If you roll back to BIOS version 1604, does the latency problem persist?

Thank you.

Hello, @lmacmil2 

Based on your description, since memory overclocking relates to the CPU, PSU, and other components in your build, we recommend installing memory from the motherboard's RAM QVL to ensure compatibility and stability.
If necessary, kindly manually adjust overclocking parameters instead of relying on default auto-overclocking settings.

Thank you.

My RAM is on the QVL and the XMP I profile worked as expected with the 1205 and the 1604 BIOS.  It did not work with the 1220 and 1402 BIOS.  The system was identical for a 4 BIOSes.  So the issue was clearly with the BIOS and not my system.


Hello, @lmacmil2 

May I ask if your current motherboard is also the PRIME B760M-A D4?
What is the part number of the installed memory, and which slot is it installed in?

The stability of memory overclocking is highly related to your system configuration.
Could you please share the brands and models of your CPU, GPU, and PSU, as well as details of any tested memory overclocking settings?
For instance, XMP I, XMP II, or further manual parameter adjustments.

Thank you.