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Monitor not saving/enabling overclock to 280Hz in the OSD settings

Star I

I'm using ASUS TUF VG279QM, which has a native refresh rate of 240Hz but can be overclocked to 280Hz in the OSD settings. I've been using the monitor on 280Hz for about a year now, but I turned the overclocking setting off for testing purposes.

Now, for whatever reason, the overclock setting is not saved in the OSD upon trying to turn it back on. The monitor is stuck at 240Hz, and whenever I turn on the overclock setting and close the OSD settings, it simply doesn't save the setting and displays it as "off". Every other setting works normally within the OSD.

What could be causing this? Turning HDR on and back off in Windows settings doesn't work. I've also tried switching the DisplayPort port, updating NVIDIA drivers and restarting my PC/monitor to no avail. Thanks to anybody who can help!



Hi @lamar4 ,

based on your issue, may I ask have you use the cable that came with the product?

The overclocking function in the OSD menu allows you to select a maximun refresh rate of 280Hz (Only for DisplayPort input).
After selecting, press the first button on the right side of the monitor to activate the setting.

You can refer to the following user manual and picture.

VG279QM_English.pdf (

Please make sure you follow the steps, if you still cannot save the setting please kindly provide the video demonstrating the issue.

Thank you.