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TwinView Dock ideas

Rising Star II
The TwinView Dock is one of my favorite things about the ROG Phone 3, and is one of the reasons why I bought the phone. However, I feel like it has untapped potential when it comes to software features.
1 - Orientation options. Currently, the TwinView Dock forces you into landscape mode, with no way to switch to portrait mode. I would suggest adding options for forced landscape, forced portrait, or auto-rotate.
2 - Extended display. There should be an option to use both screens as one, long screen like with dual screen devices, like the Microsoft Surface Duo or the old Kyocera Echo. This could be useful for web browsing and such.
3 - Virtual keyboard and/or controller. Having an app or game on the TwinView screen while always having a keyboard or virtual controller on the phone screen would make great use of having both screens on in landscape mode.
4 - Reach out to more developers to add dual screen mode! I'm sure more games could benefit from having two screens; they simply don't support it currently. I think Asus should take the initiative and actively reach out to developers to properly support this.