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Improve battery consumption for standby mode and AOD

Star I
The Zenfone 8 has a 4000mAh battery which holds great when watching Youtube, and pretty good when gaming, but the standby mode on the phone, plus AOD is consuming way too much battery. Im talking about 1% per hour on AOD alone, which is ridiculous. This is a lovely phone, but the only problem a lot of us have with this phone is the battery when it comes to standby performance. Thank you.

Rising Star I
On Zenfone 7 Pro there's this weird phenomenon where sometimes an audio application (e.g. Roland Zenbeats and some others like drum simulators) is allowed to waste all the battery in background without the phone "noticing it", even when the phone is not in use for a day straight. I think it happens, if I don't close the application explicitly, but I'm not sure. The battery consumption report says 15 minutes active and 0 background usage, which is obviously wrong as 30% of battery got wasted after 5 hours.
For some applications I get notified of the battery waste, but some applications waste 30% in a short time and there is nothing. I don't remember disabling these notifications, and I don't remember these notifications working correctly.
There is something odd going on and current battery optimizations are not enough.

Rising Star I
In my phone (ZF8) sometimes I have the impression that the battery goes down faster when the phone is not used than when using it. For example, I recently watched yt for 40 minutes at full brightness and about 70% volume and during this time, about 5% of my battery was consumed. Then in night during the 8 hours of the phone in standby mode, also 5% went down. It seems to me that the phone should not use as much energy during the night as playing yt over half an hour. Of course I am using battery optimization for most applications and I have all networks turned off. I don't use AOD. Please improve battery consumption, especially in standby mode.