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Make AOD helpful

Currently I don't use AOD, because it's useless, it can show only time (on my Zenfone 7 pro).I suggest to add at least notification icons on Always on Display, to see the icons of applications, which have notifications. There are a lot of other optio...

topolov by Rising Star II
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Change in Asus Gallery

Advanced "System albums" feature of Asus Gallery, like "Faces", "Places" etc is cool, but there is one issue - this mechanism indexes all possible pictures on phone, including Whatsapp images, Telegram photos, other folders, which contain photos and...

topolov by Rising Star II
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Bring back twinview and mobile desktop dock compability

1. One of my main reason why i won't upgrade to rog 5 is lack of compability with twinview and mobile desktop dock..I really hope on next rog phone these features is back, because if it won't then guess i'll stuck with my rog 3 until it dies..2. Brin...

Razgriz by Rising Star II
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Android support to atleast Android 13 for the ROG 3 and 5

Do not leave us behind,make sure you provide stable Updates For Up to Android 13 minimum with bug fixes,driver optimizations and game changing features like when you gave us the bypass charging featureWe have the hardware for it,and we are more than ...

Current & Future

I will be talking about the gaming phones generally.Current1.) Gamegenie add support for keymapping for 3rd party controllers such as ipega. This would be a huge selling point for many people, you simply don't offer 1 handed controllers for instance ...