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Let the world know when a new ZenUI version is released - Don't remain silent

Zen Master I

Asus needs to go Vocal when a new Version of ZenUI is released...

Take a look at all the other OEM'S. They take real care when a new version of their skin is released. They make sure the news reach the desired places. I believe, its a strategy. All the major publications cover that news, Youtubers will post their review videos and people will share all this. It will create awareness. People will come to know more about the UI.

But, Asus on the other hand releases a new version of ZenUI silently. No one really notices this. No major publications push news talking how cool the new version is. No review videos in YouTube and No one really talks about this...

To tackle this, Asus needs to take various steps. Make a dedicated web page describing all the new features that come with the new UI. The current one which describes about ZenUI 8 [ ] is not enough. There is only a small mention of ZenUI 8 here. I suggest you should make a dedicated page with a lot of details... Then only people will start noticing... Various other measures should also be implemented...

This might feel like a small thing. But, I believe its a very big piece in Marketing...

Make people talk about Asus and the Stock like, Ad free, Nagware free, Bloatware free software...

Zen Master I
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