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Improve user experience on max pro series on the stable android 10

Star II
Dear mods and admins can i give opinion to you to replace the Snapdragon camera with PixelMaster app which is have a good quality pictures than the Snapdragon camera the Snapdragon camera has poor camera quality especially for low light
2.and can you solve battery draining on pie which is make screen on time under 10 hours and draining standby mode when oreo its got more than 10 hours screen on time and no draining issue please solve on the future update or on the android 10 stable update
3.please solve low signal issue especially for max pro m1 and i thinks max pro m2 doesn't have any signal problem, just a suggestion please enable again lock 4G LTE on these two phone max pro series
4.please solve heating issue which is makes frame drop while gaming its different while when oreo 192 is have a very good temperature control and a little frame drop
5.and please give game genie on these max pro series because these two phone taglines is for gaming why there is no gaming mode support?
6.and yeah please give zenui 6 support because it's have special features on asus phone especially audio wizard
7.and open Quick Charge 3.0 with 18w support on this device because the Snapdragon 660 is supported QC 3.0 and these phone is having massive battery its take long time while just using 10w charge support
I think just is it please read my suggestion and apply it on the next update,yah i also think that max pro series will have zenui 6 does it sound imposible?