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Add game profile changer in game genie

Rising Star II
Pls add game profile changer in game genie..
For example, i have 2 profile for genshin, one for battery life and one for max performance..
It's kinda troublesome to always going into armoury crate, open game's scenario profile, and then change game profile..
I think it will be easier if dev can put game profile changer menu right inside game genie, so i can change game profile quickly..
Just swipe out game genie, touch that game profile changer icon/menu, and then select profile i want to use..
Just like when i want to use macro..

I know, after some update, i finally can open armoury crate on twinview dock's top screen..
I can open armoury crate while play games, and i can change game profile too directly inside armoury crate with it..
But still, not everyone have twinview dock..

Thx, and keep up the good work, guys!

Zen Master II
Can you share your GI profile?