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Customize Navigation Bar Further

When choosing a Navigation Bar over Gestures for navigating the device, we should be able to customize the bar further for things like size. My bar is very small and I miss the keys often!


Customize LED light further

Currently, I see only two options for my Zenfone 8 after enabling the LED to "On":1) Light up when charging2) Flash when notification arrives.We should get the ability to customize the light further, like the OnePlus phones of a few years ago, for e...

Scheduled Turn off/on of the device

I would love to have the ability to set up a scheduled turn off and on of the device. For example, to make the device to shut down automatically at 1:00AM and turn itself on at 8:00AM.Currently, it is possible to achieve automatic turn on of the devi...

Use bumper triggers on ROG phones.

Let us use the triggers on ROG phones (1, 2, 3, and 5) on the camera app while in landscape mode to act like shutter button (take a picture).

Vableme by Rising Star II
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Please make a site where we can buy Chargers cables And All asus AccessoriesJust Like Mi realme OnePlus They have their own official site to purchase But For Asus I tried to buy a adapter online and i didn't find in whole internet Its not available ...

A12 on Rog2 and Rog3

While it doesnt have to be anytime soon I'd appreciate a Rog2 / Rog3 A12 version promise for the Phone, unlike A11 android 12 does bring a ton of new features to the table. Most importantly the new feature that allows the Android system to update vi...

Add other features to Always on

Please add options to the always on feature, such as missed calls, messages, and charging level, because most phone companies have this feature. I hope to add a battery level indicator when charging the phone, and I hope to add other forms to the wat...

phone sound

I have a suggestion regarding the sound of the phone @ I wish to send an update to add options to change the sound of the phone when playing a song or when installing a headset via usb-c