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No theme store needed just android style customisation (default zenui and rog ui themes are enough)

Rising Star II
Need customisation features that are available on zenfone series that are missing in rog...theme store is not used by many people as it changes whole system color(mostly dark themes) along with cartoonish icons....we need theme option found in zenfone series
give 2 themes alone the default zen ui and rog ui that are pre installed...and get rid of theme store we can use this 2 default themes and use the stock style app to change icon qs tile shape and accent color

Star III
Hate just having just light or dark themes! Icons shapes and colors in both are ugly and blue. Bring back custom Themes!

Star I
Тоже очень не хватает пользовательских тем и магазина тем для ZenFone 8

Zen Master II
Agree with this