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I feel scammed getting a intel irx ex graphic card instead of Nvidia RTX 3060 in my asus tuf f 15

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  • Was exited to get my first new laptop to be able to play games expecting it to be a rtx since that what the description of the laptop that I bought said i feel so disappointed and sad that all the money that i worked hard to be able to buy a good laptop is gone while i didnt get what i need




Hi @Azzam2247 ,

based on your issue, may I ask could you provide the product model (for example: FX507ZM)

Where did you bought the product? Whether is at official ASUS store?

Could you provide the screenshot that shows your graphic card information?

Thank you.

the problem is now solved. After first week of buying it. it the system said it doesn't have Nvidia graphics card and only show that its has a intel irexe  graphics.. when I tried to open the Nvidia app it said the system dose not detect  a Nvidia graphics card in the system. after a period of time I cheeked  again trying to open the app and it worked and it started showing that it has a graphics card. before i checked every where from the device manager to task manager it didnt show. so now its ok and thank you for responding to my problems