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ASUS Prime-x399-A 62qcode

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Hello I am trying to setup a system using an ASUS Prime-x399-A running a 1920x Threadripper. Using an Nvidia 1050 GPU I am able to boot the system like normal, but when I plug in an Nvidia Tesla K80, I am stuck on "BIOS is updating led firmware" while motherboard Qcode reads 62 and the diagnostic LED is on "Boot". I have done everything to make sure the K80 is ventilating correctly and got an adapter for it to get power from 2 PCI-E cable as well. Currently running a 1000W PSU, which should be enough to power the whole thing. I have reseted the cmos multiple times, waited 40+ minutes on the screen, and unplug the whole system and wait overnight. I don't know how to approach this next... maybe the K80 is just bad afterall.



Hi @adkins ,

based on your issue, please check if there is any dirt or contamination on the PCI-E pins of the motherboard or the pins of the graphics card.

Additionally, please ensure that the graphics card you have installed is compatible with the motherboard.

You can refer to the link provided for compatibility information.

Vista Procedure (

May I know what is your BIOS version? For the PRIME X399-A motherboard with Ryzen Threadripper 1920X, the earliest verified BIOS version is 0318. Please confirm that your BIOS version is 0318 or a later version.

Also, double-check that all connections are properly seated and drivers are up to date.

Thank you.