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Zenfone 5z camera features

Zen Master I
The sound enhancements provided after complaints registered by various users are remarkable. It really keeps our faith in dev team, alive. I suggest the dev team to next concentrate on improving the imaging on this device,  the cameras are capable and pixelmaster has awesome manual mode, The Auto mode is where you can bring in lot of improvements/new features. please look into this ASUS.

Community Legend II
Thanks for your warm comments! Our engineers are always working to improve our products.
Following the release of ZenFone 5Z last year, we have been continously improving the camera with our firmware updates - notable improvements (compared to launch) are low light performance (texture, HDR color, noise) and overall optimizations!


Zen Master I
Indeed there are improvements. but as a customer using the flagship device of ASUS we always expect that our devices of ahead of other brands. Slow-motion video improvements and introduction of new modes, a proper night sight provided by other rival companies or certain unique camera features that will make ASUS devices standout of the crowd is what we expect from the Dev team. since the tagline of ASUS is we love photos i want dev team to deliver us a standout camera experience, i already love this device. give me more reasons to love it even more. Thanks

Zen Master I
I am not asking the devs to copy the features from other rivals, but i want them to give us some unique features for better image capturing.

Star I
hardware also have a great part in capturing best images possible. i do hope that Asus would come up with better camera sensor for the Zenfone 6