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Zenfone 5z camera features

Zen Master I
The sound enhancements provided after complaints registered by various users are remarkable. It really keeps our faith in dev team, alive. I suggest the dev team to next concentrate on improving the imaging on this device,  the cameras are capable and pixelmaster has awesome manual mode, The Auto mode is where you can bring in lot of improvements/new features. please look into this ASUS.

Rising Star II
1. we can expect more optimised ui for one handedness like the one ui launched by other brand.
2. full optimised and system wide dark theme. 
3. if zenfone 6 series gets night mode then chances are 5z can also get this! 
4. sound and other improvements 

Zen Master I
That is really nice. @dpstar7582 can we expect something like a custom take on wellbeing app by ASUS? since MI and Huwei have introduced recently?

Star III
@dpstar7582 you shared the same ideas with me, especially number 3. I'm really expecting zenfone 6 will come with a night mode for the camera and zenfone 5/5z will also get it.

Rising Star II
@"aamod.v8" we can side load Google digital wellbeing on our zenfone 5z and itsi working.  youtube it.

Community Legend II
Hi all,
Thanks for all your feedback. In relation to Super Resolution, the way this mode works is by doing multi-frame shots and then using that data to raise the resolution. As such, we are already "using the frames" to raise resolution and not for increasing the dynamic range / supressing highlight clipping. 

As for upcoming features in ZenUI 6 or ZenFone 6, please stay tuned.