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Why so many bias towards Asus 6z or Zenfone 6?

I saw in many posts, that most retard heads shows their attitude and haterness towards this model. People want everything to be perfect and ultra fast and best of all. Come on.As saw most of bugs and software related issues, genuinely tell, I used th...

ASUS ZENFONE 5QZ MAJOR problems after pie update!

90 percent of all my apps crash and stop working my Instagram and my snapchat both contribute to my business and t-shirt brand and neither of them won't open!! Any help would be nice!!!

Android Q to Zenfone 5?

Will Zenfone 5 be getting Android Q? Actually, I wouldn't ask this question but I saw Admin's (CH_ASUS) reply so it concerned me. Zenfone 5 will get Android Q, won't it? The plan is;  ZenFone 6 gets Android 10 as fast as we can. Last cycle we release...

Zenfone 5 poor design issue

So I am using the zenfone 5.WiFi signals keep jumping from full to zero... Because of this I am not able to play online games properly...  Is this a design issue where my hand is blocking the wifi antenna or is it a phone issue? 

Zenfone 5z

Fingerprint scanner doesn't work in my Zenfone 5z. Which is disabled by software itself. No options to turn ON it. Any idea???

Android Q beta

Which date Android Q beta is release with zenui?

Mahi by Star I
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Standby drain on Zenfone 5z

Please solve the standby and android system drain on 5zI used to easily get 5+hrs SOT on the previous firmware

Aryan202 by Community Legend I
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Aug update for asus 5z ???

Now we r in last week of August still most of asus phones got August update except asus 5z , so tell us we will get update within 3-4 days or not ???