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Asus Zenfone Max M3 Series

Other Smartphone Companies are taking a leap forward in Launching New Phones. While in a year, Redmi Note 7 pro has gained a popularity and has set new trends in the market for budget series. Asus Zenfone Max M2 series was huge success but due to daily new upcomings , this series has gone far in the past. Since Current Phone Market is setting new trends (Nokia PureView 9 with 5 Cameras , Realme XT with 64 MP camera ) , Asus Can Get A Step Ahead in the Budget Smartphone Series .
What Can We Expect To Have ?
Asus Zenfone Max M3 Series should Come Up With Following Editions of Phones.
1. Asus Zenfone Max M3 -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 712
*Android P(Updatable to Android Q)
*48 MP + 16/13 MP + 8 MP Triple Camera Setup
*25 MP Front Camera with Front Flash
*U-display setup
*Fingerprint Scanner on the rear
*3GB/64GB, 4GB/128GB, 6GB/256GB variants
*Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Night Black Colors
*5000 mAH Battery with Turbo Charging
2. Asus Zenfone Max M3 Pro -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 730
*Android Q
*48 MP + 16/13 MP + 16/13 MP + 8 MP Quad Camera Setup
*32 MP Front Camera with Front Flash
*O-display setup (Only single Front Camera in between on the head of the phone)
*In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner
*4GB/64GB, 4GB/128GB, 6GB/128GB ,8GB/256GB variants
*Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Night Black Colors
*6000 mAH Battery with VOOC Charging
3. Asus Zenfone Max M3 Mega -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
*Android Q
*64MP + 20/16 MP + 16/13 MP + 12/8 MP Quad Camera Setup
*32 MP + 16/13 MP Dual Front Camera with Front Flash
*Multi O-display setup(Dual Front Cameras with a flash on one side and a sensor on other)
*In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner with Fingerprint Scanner on the rear
*4GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB ,12GB/512GB variants
*Sky Blue, Lighting Violet , Shining Purple , Peacock (Combination of Blue and Green Color in Peacock Color) (Special Edition) Colors
*6000mAH Battery with VOOC Charging
4. Asus Zenfone Max M3 Youth -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
*Android P(Updatable to Android Q)
*48MP + 20/16 MP + 8/5 MP Triple Camera Setup
*20/16 MP Front Camera with Flash
*Punch Hole Display setup
*In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner
*2GB/32GB, 3GB/32GB, 4GB/32GB, 4GB/64GB variants
*Sky Blue, Glossy Red, Flashy Orange, Lighting Violet, Shining Purple, Peacock, Titanium, Rainbow (Special Limited Edition with 4GB/128GB) colors
*5000 mAH Battery with Turbo Charging
5. Asus Zenfone Max M3 Lite -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
*Android P(Updatable to Android Q)
*48MP + 20/16 MP Dual Camera Setup
*16/13 MP Front Camera with Flash
*Pop-up Display / U-display setup
*Fingerprint Scanner on the rear
*2GB/16GB, 2GB/32GB, 3GB/32GB, 4GB/64GB variants
*Sky Blue, Mineral Blue, Shiny White, Night Black Colors
*4500 mAH Battery with Fast Charging
6. Asus Zenfone Max M3 Mini -
*Qualcomm Snapdragon 670
*Android P(Updatable to Android Q)
*20/16 MP + 13/12 MP Dual Camera Setup
*13/12 MP Front Camera with Flash
*O-display / U-display Setup
*In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner
*2GB/16GB, 2GB/32GB, 3GB/16GB, 3GB/32GB, 4GB/32GB, 4GB/64GB variants
*Sky Blue, Marine Blue, Night Black Colors
*4500 mAH Battery with Fast Charging
What More Should Above Phones Have ?
1. Dual SIM 4G VoLTE support
2. Since Zenfone are Stock Android ,its a problem while installing any app on browser that an app doesn't get installed if it's not available on play store. This Problem needs to be fixed.
3. Every device above should get Android R (Android 11) Update.
4. Every device above should avoid heating while playing games like PUBG, Asphalt 9, Clash Of Clans (This Helps to get a good review from Experts)
5. While Playing with PUBG, every device above should be tested for every level of graphics.
6. All Above Devices Should Have Gorilla Glass 6 Protection
7. All Above Devices Should Be Tested For Night Mode, Low Light Mode, Zooming, Crop Clearity (If A Image of Street is taken which has an advertisement on a board then it's seen by cropping the image that how much clear is the letters in the advertisement and can we read it.)(Especially Experts Do These Tests on Phones)
8. All Above Devices Should Have Eye Protection Mode.
9. All Above Devices Should Have 2TB expandable memory.
What can consumers expect for Asus Zenfone M4 Series ?
Asus Zenfone M4 Series Can Go with upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series Processors. While For Asus Zenfone M4 Mega, Asus can bring Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor. While Asus Zenfone Series was always a budget series phone, it can try a little expansion in price as per features included. Also, till this series comes in market, we can expect 5G in this series.
What Trend Can Asus Set for the Future ?
Far Back in 2011 when Android wasn't in the market, Chinese Companies were competing Against Nokia and Samsung. One Such Company was Lephone who Brought Triple SIM Cards Phone with Triple Stand-by. One Year Later, G'FIVE , another chinese company launched a phone with Quad Sim but with Dual Stand-by. Since 2014 Nokia-Microsoft Deal, People Got Away from this.
New Upcoming Asus Phones Can Bring Back This Trend Via New Phones . Total Mobile Market will get ashtonished when they'll know that Asus Upcoming Phones are having Quad Sim Support with Quad Stand-by . This will attract new customers and experts to Asus. But Asus will need to discuss with Qualcomm whether they will support Quad Sim with Quad Stand-by Functionality.
What is the Future for Asus Phones ?
Since Vivo Has Launched V17 Pro with Dual Selfie/Front Pop-up Camera, Asus Can Come Up with Triple Selfie Camera and Quad Selfie Camera Setups. Moreover, Xiaomi and Samsung are working together for Launching Phones with 108MP Camera , Asus Can Also get 108MP Camera and Asus Can Try For World's First Phone getting 128MP Camera.
Talking About Zooming, Oppo Reno Series Already has 10x Zoom in it's phone. Asus can take a leap in it by Trying 20x Zoom in Upcoming Phones. Talking about Wireless Charging Feature, Asus Can Have This Feature in Asus Snapdragon 865 processor Phone. As Qualcomm might take some time in launching it's First Deca Core Processor, Asus Can Come Up With It's New Series For These Processors.
Talking About Number of Cameras on a phone, Nokia PureView 9 has Penta Camera Setup. Asus Can Add Penta Camera Setup in the Future for Upcoming Phones with 64MP/108MP Cameras. Also, Asus Can Be The World's First Phone with Hexa Camera Setup.
Talking About Rotating Camera, Oppo Had A Rotating Camera Phone while Launching Oppo N series. ( While Asus Zenfone 6z Had Rotating Camera Too, It had heating effect on the Phone Due To Rotors Working on Rotating Via Both Sides. Asus Needs to Work on this Heating effect and see whether It's Camera can achieve 206° Rotation.
Talking About Battery on a phone, Ulephone has already launched a 10000mAH+ Battery Phone. Moreover,Some Phones are coming with 13000mAH Battery and Above.( Asus Phones Can Bring A 13000mAH Battery Phone then it will beneficial for all people and No Competitor will Compete Against Asus in Future.
Talking About Memory, Keypad Phones used to have Dual Memory Slots Which are useful for extra memory storage. This trend came in smartphone too .( Since the smartphone are evolving, this trend went in the past. Asus can bring back this trend by launching a phone with Dual Memory Slots. Mainly, Professionals, Actors and Directors need such type of requirements in a phone.
Keypad Phones Have Torch on the head where they can help in dark while Smartphones Have Flash Which Does the same job as of torch. Previous Samsung Phones used to have Big Flash For Devices and Now This Flash are gone small that people experience difficulties while in dark. To Get Rid of this, Asus can add Big Flashes. Also, Dual Tone LED Flash was once a trend which got washed since Camera got evolutionised. Thus, if an Asus Phone with Dual Tone LED Flash with Big Flashes and an extra torch support on the head of the device will bring a new trend in the market. Especially, Farmers need such Phones Due To Working on Farms on Nights. This will Help Them and will help Asus in growing popular among All Generations. If All Above Changes are taken into consideration and are updated in Asus Phones From Time to Time , this will Ultimately Benefit Asus To Get Number 1 Company in all over the world against Xiaomi/Mi,Apple and Samsung.
This Was Little Help From The Asus Community. Thanks in advance for reading and commenting on it. I Hope Asus Smartphone Developers and Developer Teams Could Reach This Article. Thanks