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Android 11 beta on top of zenui 6 for 5z

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As there are no major changes in android 11 comparing android 10 it may be bit easier to patch A11 with 5z i request asus to add 5z to list of updating devices to A11

As this year there are no huge number of devices like max series in lineup for OS updates i feel ASUS should add 5z in list so that it may be easy for 5z to compete in midrange segment as pricing has been less these days because of 5z's 2 years mark also 5z is still selling like hotcakes atleast in larger markets like india this may help asus to still compete in midrange segment for india and replace max series also as sales are effected due to COVID-19 may give some boost and win hearts of customers on top of snapdragon 845 ✌️😊
And m sure 5z n asus can realy win hearts if there will be change in some strategy
This year only zenfone 6 n ROG 2 are in list of previous models for A11 lineup and in new incoming RoG 3 N zenfone 7
So it is not hard to add 1 to list as 5z is capable to handle everything
And thanksalot asus for soo much support till date for 5z we love it alot 😊 n also this new forum is too good
@LP_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Y_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS

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Pls asus give us zenui 7.and i also hope so we get Android 11 updates.if its happen than asus is the best brand of mobile services.