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Vivowatch 5 hc-b05 altimeter software issues, missing ECG

Star II


So lets see if I can find/get some answers here.

I notice that my Altimeter is marking ~30000.0 m and if I try to change or set the value it is impossible since the arrows are misplaced from the digits.  So not only I am at 30000 meters ( XD ) from the ground if I try to set it to 0 is not possible.

To explain a bit so Ex: the display show 27345.3 m, when I select the small gear to set a value I go to a screen that shows me 2734 only the arrow to change the 4 must be place in the 3  if it is placed in the 4 nothing happens. to change the 4 must be in the 27(some how is highlighted both) and to change the 7 the arrows are in the void to the left(visible still).

Asus FAQ make no sense to me how to calibrate it..if someone knows let me know. Asus support give me the FAQ answer or after push a bit simply talk to the retailer. I dunno why Amazon will/should deal with this when I register the product in Asus UK. 

Any help is welcome, the watch and the main features work like a charm, is just that I would like to be at 1-10 meters over the sea and not at 30k.

Lastly I notice that recently the ECG graph disappear from the Asus healthconnect app, dunno if it is something general or just me. Again is not something that I use but bothers me to not have it as reference.

Thanks in advance



Hi @abarkasz ,

based on your question, does this issue occur as soon as you receive the watch? 

Have you just bought the watch?
Have you tried re-pairing the watch? Please ensure that your watch firmware is up to date. 

Additionally, could you provide a video showing the display abnormality alongside a digital display for reference? 

Please also privately provide me with the serial number (SN) of your watch.

Hi @Aureliannn_ASUS 

Thank you so much for replying on this so fast, really appreciated 🙂 . So answering :

1.- No, I bought it in October of 2023, and all work as a charm and I have 7 days of autonomy so all good except this weird values.

2.- All of it reset factory etc etc too 🙂 I notice on the log since the Health App has a backup that this started around February.

3.- Video Attached .

Side note: the ECG graph I found it!! 😄 so no issues on that regard.

I will send you my SN after this.



Hi @abarkasz ,

it seems that we are unable to open the video you mentioned. 

Since your product is still under warranty and you purchased it through Amazon, contacting the retailer may provide further assistance in terms of refunds or replacements. 

Therefore, we suggest contacting the retailer first. Thank you.

Hi, @Aureliannn_ASUS 

Sorry to write this but I am able to  to open it inside the forum and download it from edge in win10. Was saved by a Zenfone 8 using the default app. And even I was able to run it from inside Opera on the phone :(. 

Tbh I don't want to send back the watch nor contact Amazon uk etc etc. I was hopping to have some new clues to how  to calibrate it/reset the values . Like put under gentle warm water (Garmin seems to advice for theirs) or similar or that can't be calibrated without dev mode etc etc.

I know it is not on you this so all good and thank you so much for the time to write back.