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rog strix carry -> no bluettoth

Star I


After I updated my rog strix carry mouses to the latest from Asus Crate 2.05.02

it does not work anymore on BLUETOOTH.

I have 2 mouses updated and both behave the same.

By compromising I have a Rival 3 which works on Bluetooth.

Can we expect an update on the 'firmware'?



Hi @georgenitor ,

based on your question, have you tried using the official uninstall tool to uninstall and reinstall Armoury II? 

Please refer to the FAQ below for removal instructions, then reinstall it. 

[ROG Accessory] Armoury II – Uninstallation SOP | Official Support | ROG Global (

[ROG Accessory] Armoury II – Installation SOP | Official Support | ROG Global (

Additionally, have you tried connecting to other devices? Can't you use Bluetooth mode with any of them? 

After connecting to Bluetooth mode, does the mouse indicator light up? What color does it light up? 

Do you have two ROG STRIX CARRY mice and neither can connect via Bluetooth after updating to version 2.05.02? 

Could you please send the mouse serial number to the private message area for me? Thank you.