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Ubuntu Drivers for SimPro Dock 2

Star I

It happens so often that products just work in the Linux world. Yet at times, specially with docking stations this is rarely the case.

I just purchased a SimPro Dock 2 and I only use Ubuntu... so most of the ports work, but not the HDMI and other screen connecting ports. Yet this was the main objective in purchasing the dock in the first place

I can do low level work... can I just be pointed to the code... so I can compile it for Ubuntu? I desperately need the drivers for an Ubuntu desktop, and in the support website they only have drivers for Windows.

I have an Asus ZenBook UX333FA, with Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

Any help or guidance with this will be highly appreciated.



Hi @Octoleo ,

based on your issue, as this product does not support Linux system from the factory, we do not have plans to release any related drivers for Linux. Thank you for your understanding.