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Asus TUF M4 working issue via Bluetooth mode and 2.4G

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Aloha !
I have a quite strange problem with my Asus TUF M4  mouse.

Issues are  presented in both work modes  Bluetooth mode and 2.4G .
In 2.4G mode , cursor is  not moving...though buttons and scroll work, led is changing color if pushed  , Armory Crate shows battery  % and you can adjust DPI , same behavior on laptop and atx.
Battery was replaced 3 times , so its not lack of power.
If Bluetooth mode is used in start to connect-disconnect every 1 second , after 10-15 attempts its stops connecting.

Pushing L/R button and DPI button for 3 sec , would take it to blue light and not responding to anything.

Any advice ?



Hi @Al_XumuK ,

may I inquire if this issue occurred right after purchase? Have you ensured that both the mouse and dongle firmware are up to date? 

Does the problem persist when connecting to other devices? Could you provide a clear video demonstrating the issue for our reference? 

Additionally, please provide a screenshot of the Armoury Crate update center and the logs as requested. 

Please ensure that the logs accurately capture the issue at the time it occurred. 

For log operation steps, please refer to Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature)

After recording the log, please upload it to the cloud, approve access, and PM me the link. 

Additionally, kindly provide the product serial number. 

Thank you.