Compass issue with the Google maps and other maps apps - Android 10



  • I have updated to ver. 121. It didn't fix the issue with the compass, but I noticed that the compass movements became smoother. 

  • Is it so difficult to solve it? It's a very annoying issue! Please fix the compass behavior in Google maps while the app is in background

  • Anyone tried if with ver. 129 the issue persist?

  • Both issues (wrong direction, wrong position) still persist even with .133.

  • APaulaAPaula Level 1

    @LP_ASUS I have a similar problem with the compass of my Zenfone6. In my case, the calibration doesn't seem to do anything. I know where is the general location of my North and South, which doesn't agree with the orientation shown on google Maps. Which is weird, it stopped working this weekend (as far as I noticed). What can I do to make the compass work properly? Is this an issue with the software or hardware? I just bought the cellphone this year... so in principle I could claim the warranty. Any help will be appreciated.

  • I assume you are on the most recent firmware version? Have you been seeing this behavior across multiple FW versions?

    When dealing with compass issues previously, problem was either a hardware issue or related to the geographic location. If this issue has persisted along multiple FW versions and after a factory reset, I would encourage you to get a hardware diagnosis from your local repair center.

  • Try deleting the data from the Google Maps application.

  • GPS systems can't natively determine direction... only location.

    Some phones have a magnetometer to help determine direction... however my ZenPhone, at least, does not seem to have that functionality. All the apps I've installed show absolutely no values being monitored/recorded.

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    GPS systems can't natively determine direction... only location.¨

    GPS could determine the direction, but you should be moving, not standing stationary of course.

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