Rog 3 with stable Android 10 MEANS.......

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If rog 3 able to launch with stable A10 mean it is not a problem for developer to give rog 2 stable A10 right ? Unless they plan to become like apple who update their phone to make thing worse so the consumer will buy the latest rog 3 ?? Hmmmm something fishy going on


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    I went through that Apple experience and never looked back. They were "generous" to offer me the battery at "half" the price and pay "only" 60 Euros instead of 120. And the new battery was required for my iPhone (6+) to run normal again. That was a smart move from Apple to sell off the stock of several millions of batteries laying in the warehouse.

    I don't believe it's a case here. As I see it ASUS wants to release new hardware on an annual basis to stay in the train with everybody else. And it's logical they will ship it with latest software. How stable it will be that's a different matter.

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    Plus It will probably ship with the new Zen UI 7 skin

    I wanna see what they do with their skin this year

    They should work on a more mature version of the current Zen UI version

    Some stuff like call screen behavior (screen hijack during a incoming call) and the call UI in general needs a rework

    Plus the UI in general should get a better fine tuning (animations,launcher that sort of stuff) would love to see some refinements in the UI

    Plus there should be a more customisable AOD and full support for accent colors (A11 has nice little customisations)

    Hope Asus incorporates them (as Zen UI is basically aosp with features now)

  • If I remember correctly, back in 2019, Rog Phone users were complaining about Android 9 when Rog Phone 2 was just released.

    So, this is the flow of situations that I think will happen.

    1. Pre-order for Rog Phone 3 starts at somewhere around July 2020.
    2. Rog Phone 3 release at around October 2020, giving customers who pre-ordered Rog Phone 3 nothing.
    3. Rog Phone 2 users are still complaining about unstable Android 10
    4. 25 December 2020, Asus having Christmas sales, buying Rog Phone 3 comes with a free accessory.
    5. Happy New Year 2021
    6. Asus implementing Android 11 to Rog Phone 3.
    7. Rog Phone 2 users are still complaining about the instable Android 10, and hoping to get Android 11.
    8. Q1 2021, Asus successfully implemented Android 11 to Rog Phone 3, with tons of bugs.
    9. Rog Phone 2 users got ignored/forgotten. And Rog Phone 3 users are complaining about the bugs
    10. Around June 2021, Rog Phone 4 release is leaked.

    And, the cycle continues.

    This is just my personal opinion, based what I have observed so far, and by no means be factual.

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    Because it makes no sense if Asus developer able to release a stable A10 for rog 3 why can't they stable rog 2 as well since is a software not hardware. Once rog 3 release and A10 is damn stable while rog 2 A10 full of bug thats mean ........dont need me to clarify more.

  • tl;dr: We are just being ignored, or placed at the lower priority.

    As mentioned. Your concern, or our concern, happened before.

    When Rog Phone 2 was released in 2019 with a stable A9, Rog Phone was struggling to get a stable A9 after the release of Rog Phone 2.

    When Rog Phone 2 is being implemented with a rather unstable A10 in early 2020, Rog Phone is pretty much entering the obsoleted phase.

    So presently, in the mid 2020, we know that Rog Phone 3 is gonna be released. Most probably during Q4 2020.

    Judging by this trend of releases of announcements, the products and OS updates. It's no suprise to experience Deja Vu.

    With that in mind, making sense or not don't matter anymore. Because it is clear that Asus don't care about released products, much less "old" products. Even if they do "care", the older products are never their priority.

    Despite that, I don't think I've seen any reports from anyone on planned obsolescence being observed with the Rog Phone, yet.

    So, I don't think it will be similar to the Apple situation that you've mentioned, where the company deliberately inject issues to the consumer's product, rendering it functioning improperly. But more of a "I care about our future potential customers much more than our existing customers" situation.

    But if you think about it, Asus sure play their marketing strategy well for this product line. Just look at the 4 P's. It's doing so well. But yes, they totaly ignore the retention part of marketing. They know that we are suckers. Just look at the anticipations despite that complains.

    With all these in mind. No, we probably won't be getting a stable A10, and it will be a privilege if Rog Phone 2 users can even get a A11 in future. The coming Rog Phone 3 will face the same issue that we are facing right now.

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    Asus don't care about the community and if something is wrong it's because we are doing something wrong or it's the app or game that's bad... This is so sad I will give this crap up..and go for a community where the atleast have dev that's know what they do and get things working and not make less funktion and makes everything just one big bug!

  • Alright, the latest comment just jolt my memory. Well, I got nothing good to say, but here goes.

    When Rog Phone 2 was released back in 2019. Asus had to apologize for not meeting demands. Some 10,000 units were all sold out in a few minutes at launch. All these 10,000 units are part of the 2.5 million reservation made in the chinese market alone.

    Presently, you can hardly find new stocks lying around accumulating dusts. Hardly, but not impossible. But in contrast to Asus's competitors, that's a situation to reckon with.

    So, how many people are can we see complaining about this product? Not even a fraction to the aforementioned number in the chinese market alone. But I admit, I don't visit every single existing forums to check for complains. But for those that I've visited, like this official forum, reddit and hardwarezone just to name a few. Not a significant number. Do note that I'm looking at how many people are complaining, not how many complains have an individual made.

    Considering this, we are essentially nothing to the eye of the company. They would rather focus all resources for the coming product based on A10 API, waiting for the next 2.5 million reservations, rather than putting significant resources adjusting the existing products that are based on a soon-to-be obsoleted API.

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