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So I was planning to buy the rog phone 2 strix edition here in the Philippines but I have read so much issues about the rog phone 2 in general. May I please ask for your opinions if it's a good buy or will I just be wasting money for a faulty device?

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    Check out LTE bands supported by the Strix and bands used by service providers in Philippines. If it doesn't support bands used by local carriers you will not have 4G connectivity and you will be VERY disappointed. For me Strix would not work, only the 12/512 global edition. Otherwise I play a lot of Asphalt and for me it runs great.

  • DONT BUY IT IF YOU ARE GOING FOR GAMING! This phone is not worth calling a gaming phone. It has audio delay while recording or streaming. Pubg lags in custom rooms in pubgm and you cannot play competitive with this phone due to lag and sometimes freezing. This phone froze 2 times and it was not even responding to the power button. Thankfully i got it to restart both times and after restart it take too long to turn on too. People having issue with display and their display is burning due to heating of phone. Go for oneplus, iphone, samsung if you want good device and want to have no regrets. Dont ever buy asus specially for gaming. Developers are lazy hobos. Its been a decade since they added new features. They are fixing bugs that are not related to gaming. There are many bugs that are related to gaming but they never fix it. They fix bugs like facebook and stuff which i never experienced. They refused to fix the audio delay while recording or streaming which pisses me off the most considering it is a gaming phone with recording and streaming issue. The screen doesnt come with any protection and is easily scratched with normal usage so you will need to buy a screen protector. This phone restarts randomly, blsck screens and not turn on for few users, screen broke by putting it in pocket and much more. Search this forum for screen related issues and all the stuff. I posted suggestion way back but no one listen to me. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE SPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A GAMER!!!!!!

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    When I record on COD, I don't have any issues - no lag and no delay in audio. So, I don't think just to say ASUS is a bad company is the right way. I had my phone since January and apart from some A10 issues I had no problems at all until now. I am comparing COD against PUBG, that's fine - I have played on PUBG before but I didn't like the game as much as I liked COD. Infact, if you look on Google, you will see other people having issues, not just ASUS users. Have you tried adjusting the options to reduce the quality? If you have terrible connection, then that can also be a factor to your delay problems while streaming.

    Screen protectors are cheap to get, but if you have heard of the expression, what you pay for is what you get and you know you're going to be a "hardcore gamer", I think protection would of been a better idea. The more you look after your phone by putting on protection, phone scatches is not really a problem.

    Phone restarting by itself and black screens - like most of the representative for ASUS here have said, take it to your service centre and have it examined. If you have done nothing wrong, why is it hard to take it there? To me, it sounds like heating issues and you get that with PC's too. The higher the power, the more cooling power you need, which is why they say PC's are always best for gaming. The other thing is it could be the software you have installed (from other places other than Google Play Store). So if you haven't done so already, try perfoming factory reset.

    To the original poster, with ROG 3 coming out, I would recommend waiting for that if you can and if money isn't a problem. Otherwise, ROG 2 is still a good investment. If you're not bothered about headphone jacks and not having 5G, then definately ROG 3. Otherwise, ROG 2 is a better option.

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    With regards to phone protections, most of the place I get my phone will come with screen protectors and cases. I think it depends on the seller of the phones and it's not ASUS. Samsung will on the other hand provide free screen protections, but these will usually be cheap. Remember, you pay what you get.

  • Stop being ignorant. I spent my money for luxury not for excuses. If you are a customer and spent money on this trash then you must know what it is like to have a trash phone like this. I am a previous one plus 6 user and i faced no issues like this phone. This phone actually trigger me because i am a gamer and the fact they call it a gaming phone is just an insult to gamers.

    Talking about audio delay, its issue faced by all users during gaming and using inbuilt recorder while using headphone (both wired and wireless). They are aware of the sound Delay issue so stop saying there is no sound delay because you dont make sense. Stop praising asus and quit forum if you are here to lie about what asus really is because all i have seen from asus its ignorant. They dont care about what their customer says.

    No new feature has been added since a decade and they take too long to post a simple and small update. I cannot imagine if one day this phone screen turns black for me and service center says i have damaged my screen even after my screen protector and screen is intact and i get a bill of 15k which has happened to most of asus users.... Screen burns also cost replacement which is completely asus fault.

    I must say stop being a asus fan boy and get out of the freaking disney world. I can say you are not a gamer if you are saying this phone has no issues because this phone has all the issue for gaming and not for normal use like fb and web surfing. Ask a gamer about this phone and about all issues i am talking about and you will see i am not the only one.

    Screen should not be too delicate to be easily scratched with a normal use considering its gorilla glass 6 protection and it should scratch at a level 6. Mine scratched with a fingernail with medium force. Try it with your phone and see if your phone is scratching in such manner. Talking about the durability of the inner screen, one user reported that his phone screen broke randomly with protection and no dent or screen damage whats so ever. He took it to service center and got a bill of 15k rs and was told it happened because he kept it in pocket. Now where should i keep my mobile??? Oh yes between my butcheeks. Best place to keep a mobile as fragile as this one. Lame excuses being made by asus for not fixing the audio delay, they said its the limitation of screen recorder, my ass. One plus 6 with 845 processor 8 gb ram and 60hz display. I recorded many game play with that phone and no audio delay whats so ever. Even redmi phones does better job while screen recording or running apps like stream labs. My asus literally froze 2 times running stream labs trying to stream on my mobile and needed restart. Even my power button wasnt responding and needed a hard restart.

    Just simple words for you, get out of your shell and start exploring this forum. Stop being ignorant and start blaming asus because its their fault the software is shitty, and people like you appreciate them so they get encouraged for being ignorant towards their work. They are getting paid then they should work properly. Stop with all lying and fairy world comments of yours because i know and devs know whats up with software but they are too lazy and old freaking hobos who dont want to do what their users say. They just smoke weed daily.

  • You really think i am going to buy (ROG) Series ever again? Being a gamer i have understood that asus is a shitty company to buy phones for gaming.

    Moreover, do you think i live near or inside the serive center of asus? Or do you think i am full on nalla who dont have work to do? I show the audio delay and crash issue to asus already and all they said was to format my phone and factory reset and it will be ok and now yesterday my phone froze *2* times and asus also knows that phone freezing is completely a software bug and not the hardware so keep you mouth shut if you dont know what you are talking about. Check other forums about the same issue you asus fan boy. Mods have already said that its a software issue and nothing related to hardware. Why in the world would i go to service center again if they just tell me to format my phone again and again for same issue??? Last thing they said was to wait for a software update and there has been a update released by asus but still no fixes for freezing. My phone temperature was 38° C which is normal temp and it froze 2 times while trying to stream. Dont ever post a fix if you wanna compare a computer with a phone. Like seriously man you are not a technical geek or anything so stop acting like one.

  • "Samsung will on the other hand provide free screen protections, but these will usually be cheap. Remember, you pay what you get."

    First of all samsung usually fixes most of its software before giving it to its users and samsung dont have any sound delay or freezing issues like asus. Its cheapest series can do better than asus rog 2 in gaming and recording gameplay. Talking about the thing you said, it is " i get for what i pay for" i dont have free money because money dont grow on trees (maybe for you)

  • Forgot to mention that samsung and other companies stay updated with security patches of its mobile and releases updates and fixes, they also bring new features unlike asus. Delayed a10 update and delayed security patches and no new features!!! Hands off to asus i feel scammed.

  • Okay guys thanks for helping out. I really appreciate it as I can't afford to waste money. I need a phone that will work for 2-3 years at least. I really liked this phone until I have read reviews with so much issues

  • Go for iphone or oneplus. Please do not waste your money. Thanks.

  • You think pocophone f2 pro or samsung a series will be good ones?

  • For gaming?

    For gaming go for OnePlus, iphone, samsung flagship series.

    For normal usage go for redmi (cheaper).

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    Glad to have heard you got the information you need klintnathansoco.

    It's what's the forum about.

    Akash Gupta, sorry if I have upsetted you. The point I was making is that not everyone is having the same issues as you/or everyone else having the same issue. You will get it with other phones too. The fact you're saying how ignorant I am show how much bigger of an ignorant you are. Let's say 500 (let me know how many people you think on the forum have this issue) people complaining about the issue you are getting on the sound delay, we know more than 10,000 people have this phone - that's 5% of the issue. So if you compare to other issues which other users are having higher complaints, you can see the issue you're raising will have to wait for abit as it is functional. Just that you got delays.

    Screen burn are caused by high brightness and long use with objects being stay in the same area. You get that on other phones and this is typically known as wear and tear.

    New features - well this is a gaming phone, like you said! Everyone knows the more you having running on the phone, the less performance you get. If you're looking for nice wallpapers, always on screen, new launcher, new dialers, new bloatwares, then Samsung is always the best place to go to. Security patch updates - well you do know everytime a patch that has been made by Google on Android, there needs to be some sort of work to make it compatible with a phone and it accessories?

    I don't know why you are so upset and rude, but I guess having the technical knowledge from a software engineering background on how a software works with the hardware is beneficial, so I won't complain to your comments on judging people. I can take that.

    Of course I am comparing PC and Phone - proper gamers will be on PCs not on Phones. Did you know that if you're on WIFI, your speed is slower than actually connecting physically via a CAT6 Cable? Try it, if you have PC that has WIFI connections and physical connection. Try playing Fortnite as I play that all the time on PC not on the phone....Phone lags. Why? Guess what, it's not the phone, it's the connection of the WIFI.

    Not insulting you or by all means not a comparison from a phone to a car, but why not do the same? Let say if you get a luxury car for racing and then you see scratches because of dirt, you going to take it back for a warranty repair - well it is a high end luxury racing car, right? Treat your phone like it was a high end luxary car, then you will be fine. This year has been a crisis for everyone, with Coronavirus. You need to bear in mind companies will be slower to respond than they are usually too.

  • I dont want explaination of how the sound delay issue is just for me because i know i am not the only one. There are more than 80% people facing this issue because they are gamers and that problem is a big issue for us. Dont want to start a beef here. Contact me on discord Scorpion#1036 if you want beef :)

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    I don't do Discord, sorry. Not sure what you mean by beef?

    I think you need to chill out - if your that not happy with the phone, why haven't you sold it and stopped complaining here - maybe the forums will get freed up and mods can see what other problems there are :)

    Just saying 😀 Have a nice day dude!

  • Also, i have a 500mbps download speed and 90 mbps upload speed so dont say my network is causing lags in pubg or fortnite.

    Moreover oneplus bring new features in most of their updates and their software still runs smooth. What new did i ask for??? I asked for a fps lock so my games can lock on fps so i dont suffer from frame drops, same as red magic 5g. I want a feature where i can set a custom xmode wallpaper. I want a feature so we can use the other light thats lying useless on my phone, i want a feature that gives me more access of recording feature. Current recorder has limited options. I want a complete sliding gesture so i can use sliding and tap gesture for air triggers. If that slows my phone down then idk why did we buy a beast phone just on spec sheet if it makes software unstable if we add more feature. All those feature are for gamers and useful in gaming. Thats all i can say and i am angry because you supporting asus and opposing me like i dont have any issues in my device. Dont mind my comments but i hate when someone opposes me.

  • Those comments i made were when i was angry because my phone froze 2 times in a row without any reason. I got worked up and started to talk shit but now i am chill. Now i see you mentioning me is like salt on burns. Stop posting comments and i will stop too :) i explained him that this phone is not good and he got my point. I called you up to get a beef because you were asking for it. Anyways you go in with your life i go on with mine.

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    It says alot, when you say "Dont mind my comments but i hate when someone opposes me."

    Would it makes sense if I tell you your phone does not take in 500mbps? If you have other devices too, that's another chunk taken out of your speed dude.

    Everything that you add on to the device adds up to memory and cpu consumption. So back to the luxury racing car, the lighter it is the faster it is right? Try putting in a fridge, a vault, a kitchen sink - let see if you can go quick???

  • Firstly my network is located in my room and only 3 devices are connected currently because my family is out and out of those 3 only my mobile is currently connected. I am also using a gaming router so there is less delay between switching connections. Secondly i know my mobile only uses 10mbps or 15 mbps but its got a whole 500mbps to itself so there is no way my network would be the issue. Anyways i am done explaining to you mate. I am moving on and hopefully you will move on too.

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