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Cannot call or receive calls? Asus Rog 3

Star I

Wondering if anyone can help me or has the same issue as me 

So I have the Asus rog phone 3 strix edition 

Android 12 

Current firmware is 31.0210.0210.272 

So for the last 2 weeks I cannot call or receive calls but I can text message and use the Internet my phone has full reception and has 4g as I'm writing this 

I live in Australia Melbourne and my phone carrier is Vodafone so I gave them a call and they have told me because Vodafone has shutdown the 3g network I have to upgrade my phone if I want to call and receive calls is this actually true I'd like confirmation from someone I have rang Asus they have me under a case file 

If this is true I'm thinking of buying the Asus rog phone 5 will it work for calling if the 3g network is gone or is my rog phone 3 still good and Vodafone don't know what they are talking about any advice will be highly appreciated


Star I

Hey mate... 

Same issue with me as well.. can send n receive text from rog 3 but no calls. Very disappointed.. love my Rog 3..

Star I

I'm not sure of the exact reason but android 12 doesn't have settings that the rog 3 needs to make calls you will need to downgrade to Android 11 I'm still trying to figure out how

what settings is it? because i still have android 11 on mine and it still cant call and i had android 10 before that and it couldn't call either i only upgraded to 11 to try fix it

Oh I'm not sure my issue is android 12 disables volte automatically but with ur issue maybe try disabling the Google app ik that can cause issues aswell