I have been warned by the Asus moderators

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I have been warned by the asus moderators for telling the truth...I thought thatit is a healthy platform to critisize the management for not doing the good work or the work their customers expected. But my message was warned. And so I have come to a conclusion that this company is on the verge of closing and I really pray that this company should close their business in India. I am really disappointed by this company's work and will no longer expect anything from this company. I will no longer participate in any of the discussion and will just value this company as we value pigeons shit.


  • Now its time to Boycott Asus In india

  • It is true that this company has no longer future in smartphones. when I buy asus max pro m1 I though asus give a better user experience but they failed even they do not interested in own mid range phones anymore but one thing is good that I never buy Asus phones again and if someone try to buy ROG phones then I recommend that there are many phones in market which is better than asus gaming phones.

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    Everyone appreciates a healthy conversation and you're free to criticize anything as long as you follow certain etiquettes

    Well I saw your profile you aren't "criticising" pal you're outright abusing fellow zentalk members and moderators

    And if you've been warned it has been done rightly done so

    And nobody gives a flying f* if you don't participate in any of the discussions or buy any of the said Asus products

    And sorry to burst your bubble pal Zenfones/Rog is a pretty well known lineup in India/worldwide and it's here to stay (the upcoming Zenfone 7 and Rog phone 3 say hi :D )

    Asus is world's 4th largest PC hardware giant and their reputation preceeds them

    Mobile devices is just one of the many investments Asus operates

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    Yeah I know Asus is tech giant but in smartphone world Asus need to many improvement. There are very big market of smartphone in the world bigger than Desktop or Pcs and very branded smartphones doing or implementing something new in each day Asus is like a drop in the Ocean in smartphone world. I am not opposed of Asus but in mid range phones they only give hopes nothing else.

  • Guys Leave the ASUS survival to them. Every Business will continue to use their own strategies. Some may success. some may fail.

    Samsung was pulled to 4th position in the market . As they didn't cares the middle range series like on , nxt and J series , they got moved to 4th position. Now they are struggling hard with their A and M series to be competitive.

    Middle range phones will decide the future of any brand in India . That's why Apple , One Plus which are the brands of premium range handsets are focusing on mid ranged phones.

    Due to Covid 19 financial pressure , Over GST and excess duty will decide the future of High range premium phones market in next few years. So those brand which are careless about mid range handsets will face its own fate.

    Lets see what the future. History has a clear record how big mobile brands like NOKIA, Motorola with Brand Names and reputation fails. At final customers are the decision changers. Any time Hero becomes Zero and Zero become Hero.

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    As far as I know at the time of launch max pro m1/m2 were great value for money devices and both sold extremely well and had stock ui

    Asus promised two os updates for the phones (both were entry level midrangers) they delivered on pie and have had 2 betas so far for android 10 and I get it it's kinda buggy (the max pro series posts are hard to miss here as there are so many of them)

    But considering it's "beta for a reason" they'll probably be solved in the stable version

    Plus I've been hearing from peeps how Asus is extremely late and how other OEMs have already pushed the A10 update but as far as I see the phones which launched alongside let's say max pro m1 that is redmi note 5 pro still hasn't got A10 plus xiaomi hasn't even listed it to get the A10 update

    Plus miui is just horrible and you probably know the amount of bloatware and "ads" it has in UI

    + The upper mid ranger honor play which was touted as a "gaming phone" during launch is still stuck on Android pie (the device costed almost twice of what max pro did)

    This is what Huawei has to say lol: https://piunikaweb.com/2020/02/13/honor-play-emui-10-android-10-update-amazon-voucher/

    They have confirmed it won't be getting a10

    Plus mi A3 a 2019 device (a10 was it's first major android update) : https://www.bgr.in/news/xiaomi-mi-a3-gets-android-10-update-for-the-fourth-time-887813/

    4 fricking times it was so buggy 😖

    The Nokia 5.1 recently got A10 but taking a quick look at their forums shows that the update is buggy by the huge number of users complaining

    Every OEM has disgruntled users that's nothing new or exclusive to a brand

    The larger the userbase the larger the cancer lol ( happens mostly with entry level devices as they tend to have large userbases)

    Max pro series is still well maintained pal it continues to get timely security updates (entry level phone) just let them polish a10 a bit more (see what happened to mi a3 for example rushing an update is never a good way) it's good that Asus is actually working on polishing the bugs in a beta (a buggy stable would've been a bad idea)

    Asus maintains their own Zen UI too which is pretty good In my opinion (I own a 5z and it has been decently supported so far)

    Zenfone 5z/Zenfone 6 and Rog phone 2 picked up the android 10 update fairly faster cos they were flagships

    + Unlocking bootloader on Asus phones is quite easy and max pro series has great development unlike xiaomi you don't need to wait for the unlocking code nor pay to get the code (Huawei)

    Asus is open to development and even has a Android 11 gsi imo

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    OnePlus isn't actually focusing on mid range lol

    They are going full premium now with the OnePlus 8pro and the OnePlus 8 pricing doesn't place it in mid range segment (mid range is like 15-25k)

    OP8 is 42k

    Plus I guess there won't be a max pro m3 this year as Asus's new leadership clearly stated that they'll cater to power users and gamers (Rog) now they'll do what they do best that is gaming stuff under rog lineup

    + Zenfone flagships are excellent value for money devices with stock+UI and good development

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    I hope they deliver bug free Rom this time Pal actually I like Asus phones and I want they do best in all section of smartphone competition that's why I criticize but let see.

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