Can't change Hotspot ap band in m2 pro

Santhosh p sSanthosh p s Level 1
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I am in Android 10 beta version. Please fix the Hotspot ap band in stable version.


  • Max pro m2 only support 2.4ghz wifi can't use 5ghz band.

  • Santhosh p sSanthosh p s Level 1
    edited April 2020

    This is the worst phone. It will not support ar core, ir blaster, wifi 5ghz . Even my dad phone oppo 9k rupee only it will support all features. 😟 I wasted 14 k on this phone🤭

  • Max pro m2 has SD 660 which doesn't behaves like the same. INDIA has no strict regularly policies like other countries like US , UK , EU etc. There they can't cheat people like this by providing wrong Advertisement. Max pro M2 has downgraded SD660 chipset version for Indian variant.

  • My friends told me to don't buy asus phone. But due to stock Android I buy this one. Now I am suffering a lot 😟

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