Warranty of burn in screen/ screen retention

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my phone is asus max pro m2 and is not rooted. It is been a week my phone got burn in or screen retention.

After 2 hours or less being used, there is a shadow or trace of apps I have used left on the screen.

Is this case covered by the asus warranty?

If so, unfortunately, I lost my purchase receipt, but my phone's serial number said it is still under warranty until next 2 months. Can I still claim the warranty?

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    First of all, if you lost the invoice, then go to the order page from which online shopping site you ordered this phone and you would get invoice there for downloading. Besides that, you may get the invoice pdf from the delivery confirmation email you received from the online shopping site. Download and take a printout. If youre phone is in warranty period then service center would definitely refuse to provide warranty services without an invoice copy.

    Now, about the issue you faced regarding burning, you have to visot the Authorized Service Center to get the issue checked with them. Upon checking, the service center guys would look for the actual cause of the damage. If they think that the burning issue is caused by an external fact, then they would tell you to go for Chargeable service, otherwise they would provide servicing for free. It depends on their thorough checking. Only they would decide after checking and even if your device still has 2 months of warranty period, they won't provide you free servicing if they find the cause of burning as an external effect. But they would definitely provide you service. Only, you have to visit the service center once the lockdown is lifted.

    Once Lockdown is lifted, before going to visit your nearest Asus Authorized Service Center, you must make a call to the Asus official tool free numbers and check with them whether their service centers are back on track completely or not. Because, due to corona lockdown, service centers would be closed till mid May.


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    Thank for your reply.

    Firstly, I am pretty sure that this burn in is not caused by human error too.

    I had also checked my phone serial number in asus website and it said that my phone is still under warranty.

    Can I just ask Asus service centre to check my warranty period through my phone serial number?

  • You may try contacting the CSR guys through the "MyASUS" app and consult with them regarding the serial number and also tell them that you have lost the Original Invoice copy, whether you would be able to approach the Service Center with just the serial number or not? And during this chat session, make sure to confirm with them about any tentative date of reopening of their service centers..

  • About purchase receipt, yeah its required if you are looking for an under-warranty service from Asus Authorized Service Center. If you lost it, you can easily download the invoice from the online site order details page in which online shopping site you placed the order.

    About getting warranty service (free of cost, if you are asking for it), then it depends only after the service center techies check the device thoroughly and they would be the best people who would decide whether you would get free servicing or chargeable one. If they see the damage as an external one or forcefully tampering effort then they are definitely going to flag the service as a chargeable service even if you are under warranty or not.

    Since this issue could be fixed only by visiting Asus Authorized Service Center, you might have to wait for another 1 month sinxe all service centers are closed due to Lockdown. Once Lockdown is lifted completely, you may contact the Asus support toll free numbers to get confirmation whether their service centers are operating fully or not. Then only go for a visit.

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