Camera (portrait bug)

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The camera app force stop when I click a picture by increasing brightness with the selfie camera


  • Could you describe in more detail the procedure for this to happen?

    "click a picture" means "Touch shutter" enabled?

    In selfie -> Portrait Mode? Was Beautify enabled or disabled? (Lower right corner icon). Was artificial bokeh enabled?

    By increasing brightness I assume you used the slider after touch for focus.

    Do you get this every time?

    Can you try to clear your Camera App settings (long press camera app icon, go into its settings, clear data & Cache) and then try again?

  • Brightness: Yes, it's the slider one.

    Bug: Not everytime, at times in artificial lighting only.

    Clear Cache: I have even formatted my device still it persists

  • I barely get this issue and I just wanted to know whether people are there whose facing this issue.

    Lastly when I faced this was like last week. And just few minutes back I had it again. Cuz I don't use portrait much.

  • Do you use microSD card? And if so, also set storage to Micro SD?

  • Yes, so is it because of that?

  • It could be, could be damaged sectors, could be other reasons causing it to occasionally crash when writing the photo.

    If you try to use internal storage as photo storage location, does the problem go away?

  • Let me try in this week and report you if there's any issue

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