A statement and challenge towards quantum mechanics in camera quality

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I would like to state that unable to spot a worsening in camera performance does not equal camera is fine, but it means you are uncertain regarding the current situation. It is just like a qubit in quantum computing where it is unknown whether it is a 1 or 0.

To prove camera is good, take two photos from 9 and 10 respectively and show that it's the same, I challenge anyone who is still in favour of Asus to do so, or be silent, since telling us that you are uncertain = keeping silent, don't waste everyone's energy

To prove camera is good, take two photos from 9 and 10 respectively and show that it's different. I shall repeat that countless people have don't it already.


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    I have now stated in other larger threads that there are some minor differences but it really depends on what kind of scene you take photos of and which settings you're using.

    In some cases, you will see zero difference between 9 and 10 but I have also found cases where the camera behaves differently. Primarily with HDR++ in a scene with lot's of bright light. The difference is by design but it's not what users expect from it. Most probably expect the result to have even brighter shadows and more information in bright areas than with HDR+ Auto but it will actually make darker areas darker and bright areas brighter while everything in between is more even than taking the picture in non HDR.

    My team is currently discussing with our camera team about how to communicate this mode but the bottom line is that you shouldn't use it when you want to have a normal HDR image.

    Even though there are differences, I'm sure I could give a similar or better results with Q FW when competing against someone who has the ZenFone 6 with the .198 FW (consider by some users to have the best camera software). The final result comes down to which settings you're using and how steady you are

  • (It's 189 firmware. I really hope that was just a typo)

    Thanks for replying to this thread. I thought it was just my mere effort to prevent people posting non-logical proofs. Now you are replying and thanks for every bit of effort that is happening under the scene.

    I see why there is an inconsistent conclusion. We kept saying "in A scenario there is no difference" and "in B scenario there is a difference". Since these statements are not apple to apple and we kept trying to meet a conclusion, no conclusion is formed. At a mature moment where any more obvious problem with current firmware is solved, a categorized and systematic way of comparing photos take under similar scenes should be raised.

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