Dirac (Audio Master)

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Dear developers.

Make in one of the next updates, the ability to disable (either in the application itself, or in the OS settings, or both). Dirac (Audio Master).

Without the use of special third-party programs!

Really needed!


  • Thank you for your idea!

    We are constantly trying to find new features so we appreciate any feedback :D

    Also: If you put AudioWizard on Music Mode it will flatten out the sound, making it come out completely natural :) make sure to give it a try!

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    I don't know what "AudioWizard" is.

    Like I don't have it.

    With those presets that are available in Dirac (Audio Master).

    The sound is terrible!

    Especially on the "Music" perset.

    Therefore, I would like to be able to disable this application!

    And I'm 101% sure that for developers to implement my piggy, business for 2 minutes!

  • @D_IMAN

    AudioWizard is preinstalled on Zenfone 8 and it does a pretty good job. You can find it in audio settings - there is an option "AudioWizard".

    I haven't seen this Dirac (Audio Master) probably it is something similar.

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2
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    I didn't find it in my settings!

    Can you give me the exact address?

    Or upload screenshots.

    My Dirac (Audio Master) looks like this!


  • atanasuzunovatanasuzunov Level 1
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    Looks very similar to Audio Wizard if not the same. It is below Multimedia option.

    Where did you get this Audio Master? Google play?

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    @atanasuzunov I have this item called "Audio Mater".

    When I purchased the smartphone, this Audio Master was already present on the smartphone.

    I didn't install it from anywhere.

  • @D_IMAN

    Ok. Then it looks this is the same app but translated a bit differently.

    For me personally, the sound is very good. But I agree that having an option in Quick settings, to disable/enable the dsp, would be useful.

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    @atanasuzunov Let's hope that the developers will not ignore the request, and will make it possible to enable / disable this application!

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