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My phone's battery came down to 90 with just 15 mins of screen on time


  • Hi,

    I won't say it's incorrect or correct, but to ideally check and analyze the battery stats. You can check the below.

    When you say that your SOT(Screen on Time) has gone down, can you share the SOT after trying the below:

    1. Charge the battery to 100% & use as per your normal usage pattern

    2. When the battery strength reaches 10%, go to settings = Battery => Tap on the battery icon & share the graph

    3. settings => Battery => Check the screen & share the same

    Also, mention the software version to check everything once.

  • rajpc381rajpc381 Level 1

    Happens to me too....the idle drain is terrible....hope it gets fixed in android 12

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    Gonna add to this thread (because we don't need 50 different threads for the same issue; it won't get it fixed any faster), but there certainly seems to be some sort of battery drain since the last few updates. I don't think it's been since the first Android 11 update, but I may be wrong.

    I'm on the latest update (.201) and this is what I've experienced:

    I fully charged my phone before going to bed, at around 9:37 pm.

    When I had woken up this morning at around 4:16 am, the battery had dropped to 75%!

    So, with 6 hours and 41 minutes of idle (and only 4 minutes of screen time), I lost a quarter of its charge!

    I know that Li-ion batteries degrade over time, but I think this excessive even when considering that. I couldn't give a hard number, but I'm fairly certain that I used to only lose about 5-10% charge overnight.

    I know the Android 12 beta will be starting soon (assuming it hasn't already), so there isn't much of a point fixing this with A11, but I do hope this is seriously looked into with A12.

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4

    As i have Stated before, its software causing drain to you guys and i Suggest factory reset ,

    I did battery drain test before on idle with wifi and my device lasted over 15 days or something

    And my battery condition is probably worse than you guys so you can get an idea what's going on here.

    I did test on A11 only.

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    A factory reset is a hell of a hassle to go through... I'll try that over this weekend and see if it helps any...

    Also, 15 days? Are you not using your phone for anything? 🤔

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4

    I didn't use it at all for that period of time to test idle drain.

  • I already did factory reset but the issue still persists so I gave up.

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