ROG phone 2 in MENA region (Dubai) - Will ASUS fix it if anything goes wrong?

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I live in the MENA region. Any idea if there's any store that will be selling ROG 2?

If not, and I buy the phone online or from abroad, will ASUS service centres in the region help with fixing it if anything goes wrong? Or should I just buy an S10+?

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    I don't have any information to share about phone availability in Dubai. What I can say is that every ROG Phone II I've come across so far has had a local warranty, so you should be very wary of buying a phone from abroad. You would technically have warranty coverage, but would need to travel to the country it is zoned for to repair it. This is a big ask.

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    You're very welcome!

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    I believe most dealers in any country are less likely to offer damage protection warranty. This kind of warranty is called an insurance and maybe it's already included in your home insurance?

    There are no current plans on launching in your region but it could always change. Lets hope ;)


  • Thanks for the response. It's a shame because I absolutely love what I've heard and seen about the phone. I would have to think about it and decide if I'm willing to take a risk of buying the phone with no warranty and hoping for the best and taking the best care of it.

    It's disappointing considering Dubai and the surrounding MENA region is a good market and all the other brands sell their phones here, but perhaps ASUS has had more success here in the gaming laptop/pc division than they have had in the mobile division, probably due to insufficient marketing.

    Thanks for the response, and I'd appreciate an update if you hear any news.

    The MENA region is pretty big and it might be a misstep to forget about it in its entirety.

  • We're a small but growing player in the phone business that doesn't have an unlimited stock of ROG Phone II. It's natural that we go to the markets where we are already known first and then continue from there. MENA region might be a good market but unfortunately we don't have the resources to go everywhere at once.

    I don't have any update on when we will start selling in your region but if you do decide to buy online from abroad, then make sure to not buy a ROG Phone II with Tencent logo. They are only for the Chinese market which means that you won't be able to update it and it's also likely that you won't have any warranty from the re-seller.

    Make sure to talk to the re-seller about warranty before you purchase it

  • Sure, totally understandable!

    Not that my knowledge carries much weight, but Dubai *is* a great market - it was mostly dominated by Samsung and Apple, but in recent years Huawei (and Honor) have made taken quite a bit of the market share. We have a considerable slice of the population from the Indian subcontinent as well, where as far as I know this phone is launching.

    Dubai is multicultural and gaming is a big theme here, and people usually have disposable income to build gaming PCs or own gaming laptops.

    This is why I think a high-end phone such as this, if marketed for well, would be a good idea.

    I'll definitely look for the international version, but unfortunately most online resellers (like expansys) do not offer damage protection warranty - they only cover things like if the device was defective when delivered or so.

  • Hi ... I am from a country where asus dont launch products officially but my father lives in dubai. I liked asus rog phone 2 very much . I asked my father to buy me this phone . He searched almost every asus shop around him and aslo searched dubai mall and get nothing . You guys sells desktops and laptops but why not mobile ?

    tell me where can i get rog 2 otherwise i have to go for iphone 11

    but i need rog 2 badly as it touched my heart

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