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  • It's almost 2 months still my phone is in the service center I am now really tired of this when I call them they have just one thing to say 'the phone is still repairing it would take some time', please you guys suggest me what should I do I just can't handle it anymore no one is helping me I am not a rich guy who can afford a 50k phone but still I bought it from my savings thought my life would be easier after that but now I am just crying because of this big mistake😭. I have twitted my issue but still no reply after that "Hi, we have forwarded the same to our team and they are looking into the same" please check out my twit @PiyushAgarwala4

  • If you can spare the time to read the warranty manual , it states that asus reserves the right to change your part with new /old or refurbished and refurbished is fine.

    Also imei no. Is different but the serial number is the same on which we get the warranty and there is record with our serial number of mobo replacement.

    Asus is a piece of shit company , i am never gona buy anything from them , they dont care about customers , they are busy launching laptops and furniture now and taking 2-2 months to change our motherboards , frankly if you ask them for new etc. Its only going to mess up your mind ,i have tried that, let me tell you how that works- your issue gets escalated from service center to customer care,from the customer care to senior executive , from senior exec. To escalation department , from escalation department to regional service leader , from regional service leader to regional service manager , and from regional service manager to some other thing whose name i forgot , whole this thing will take more than a month , its just a added mental agony and no solution will be provided despite of this. I am just consoling myself that my money got stolen from me at gunpoint , gona forget this piece of shit phone n buy the new iphone 13 pro max.

  • Wait until October 21st, get the Huawei mate 50 pro...

  • This is not a hardware issue, this happened only after the update. Phone switched off several times and now can't use wifi or hotspot fix this ASAP. I am not replacing my motherboard for this bug. 😡

  • Alright guys so it went like this, firstly, I faced wifi issue after updating to .151 version, waited 2 weeks for update until I realised that there was a problem in the motherboard, then took it to the service center, took 2 weeks time and now back with the device facing some fingerprint issues maybe fixed in next update I suggest not to waste time and go to a service center for repair

  • Now my phone is totally dead while I'm playing bgmi. Not turning on even i tried every single way

  • Going to service center now

  • What would b the cost for replacing mother board?

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  • How can I know whether I have warranty or not?

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    Your phone isn't even one year yet, so I would expect you to have warranty still. As long as there's no user damage to the phone or have tampered with the software i.e. bootloader unlocked etc.

  • i had same issue today. wifi stopped working 3 weeks back. so i decided to wait out the update but today i unlocked phone by fingerprint, swiped up for menu and phone just shut down. now it cant get past the rog boot screen. im able to access recovery mode by pressing both power and volume up, but i dont know how to fix it so i didnt do anything that might void my warranty. lastly when i plug in charger it shows charging icon for 2 seconds and then nothing. first time it showed battery percentage, now nothing just green charging icon for 2 secs. i guess now there is no way but to send it to a service center. thanks asus

  • Will we have any warranty papers how can ik I have warranty or not?

  • try ether net to type c cable connection.

    I faced the same issue. I am using eathernet cable to use internet.

    Also today just few hours ago my phone turned off and not turning on again. Dead.

    my firmware version is .151.

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    If you brought the phone via proper channels, then you would have warranty as long as there's no user damage or the phone have not had unlocked bootloader before. Warranty last a year so the phone should be in warranty because the phone model is not 1 year old yet.

    Read the warranty manual for more information.

  • Maybe this is fix? Can anyone confirm?

  • Same problem with wifi not working after update.

  • Are we gonna get update regarding this or not :(

  • No, u wont be getting. Replace your motherboard. You are one of the many users who got defective motherboard. Already there is lot of waiting involed to get the replacement done. Mine started with wifi/hotspot not working. Later it got stuck in a flash redampt screen and later died on the sameday. My advice in not to wait long, just get the motherboard replaced before its too late.

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