ZenFone 8 seems to be bricked. I have no idea what to do.



  • Fair enough, I understand. I should've waited a little longer.

    To be honest, I am expecting support because there isn't a way to fix it myself. ASUS is the only one who can help me.

    Even if they are only able to provide me the required firmware files for EDL flashing, that's good enough for me.

    If this is a hardware issue, then I'll just have to wait. But that's alright.

    If I have the files, I can atleast make sure whether this is being caused by faulty hardware or not.

    Thank you so much for your input. I had no idea even the ROG 5 was having so many issues. I originally planned to buy the ROG 5 as it is available in India and is actually cheaper. However, I decided against it just due to the size of the phone.

    I guess I'll just wait.

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    yep same. i regret switching to asus. fortunately, mine is covered with local warranty. hopefully they send me a new one so i can sell it and buy a different brand. perhaps wait for google pixel 6.

  • TrevTrev Level 1

    Guess I'm waiting for this issue to be resolved before I considering buying this phone. It's a shame might have to buy a pixel.

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2
    edited August 19

    @Trev dont buy asus phone. crappy phone. will break down on you with in 1 month and may potentially lose all your files and they wont offer refund.

    Imagine buying a flagship phone that randomly crashes and have to bring it to service center in a month use? not worth it. even if its half the price.

  • LammyLammy Level 1

    This happened to me a few weeks ago, had to send it for repair. Only got the phone back today, but I'm worried it's going to happen again.

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    @Lammy oh god, took few weeks to repair??? I Just sent it yesterday for repair. This is terrible experience. Did they tell you what caused it? Cause I was doing nothing with the phone when it happened. It just turned off on its own. Mind me asking, where are you from?

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    My phone rma status is "waiting for spare parts" so I'm guessing it's not software issue. This could happen again even after repair. So you are risking every bit of your time . I'm furious about this,I would understand if I had the phone for years but it's just a month. I wish they consider giving refund instead waiting for a long time to repair this failfone 8.

  • Got the same problem here, my phone shut down completely, and my whole life is on it. 2FA for banks and public offices. I'll get this fixed and switch back to OnePlus, I had the 6T for three years and it never failed me once.

    Damn you Asus and your crappy phones.

  • LammyLammy Level 1

    Here is the note I got when my phone came back from repair. They never even said what the problem was.

  • LammyLammy Level 1

    @irvin, I'm from the UK. What happened with me, is I put my phone on charge, came back a bit later, and was presented with that screen. As you know, there's nothing you can do. I'm now very worried that this can happen again.

  • The last thing looks like a storage replacement part.

    Maybe the reason these phones are being bricked on their own is due to the flash memory getting randomly corrupted.

    This is exactly what @Danishblunt suggested earlier. He was right.

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    Good chance it will again. I recommend selling it before its too late. Did they erase all your files too?

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    Hmmm or isit just the motherboard? But the memory could be integrated too.. i hate asus.

  • LammyLammy Level 1

    @irvin I will probably keep it, there's actually no phone out there that I want. There's not much selection for decent spec smaller phones. Yes they did wipe everything.

  • I have a question for users with bricked phones. What memory version do you have? 128, 256GB?

  • LammyLammy Level 1

    @jakislogin2 8/128

  • I have question to Asus ... Which manufacturer supplies storage chips ? For example Samsung,skhynix... ?? Or ? Will Asus say this ?

  • DoobooDooboo Level 2

    @Danishblunt yeah thats what i thought, then i shouldnt be hoping my files will still be there when i receive my phone. I will just straight post it up for sale then.

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