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Model Name: 6z


I would like to know, does this really works ?! if we get an USB C type WC Qi Receiver with Qi charger for that and just plug it to the device and cover it with a back case and then place it on charger .

Will there be any adverse effect by doing this ? as we know that by default our 6z device or any android that was not designed natively for Wireless charging, how good or bad idea this is

** I do have an Iphone SE that supports Wireless Qi charging, so planned to buy a Qi charger for that, meanwhile would like to know this


  • Hi there, kindly mention the specific product you have in mind so that we can check the same with the team and get back to you on this.

  • There are n number of Receivers out there, I just want to know that whether this type of usage is reliable ? safe ?

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    AFA my knowledge,

    Without a proper engineering this may not be the viable solution for a non native wireless chargeable phones., I think

    Because the output will vary a lot depending on type of charger supportive cable and the smartphone.

    Let's assume though we are able to get QC certified adapter and good quality cable,

    the coil within Receiver is more of a generic type and really have doubts on it's consistency and how exactly it can withstand the power flow and then pass to the device via that delicate / open tape connector.

    Also if we look at the price of such receiver is so cheap ! OEM's would have added this many years ago for all their models.

    Thanks in advance to the reader if you/anyone have personally tested this usecase, do let us know the results


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    One more update on this,

    As enquired, came to know that, though charger is QC upto 18w , and Wireless Charging Pad too supports upto 15w but Receiver can charge only upto 5A-1A so for Zenfone 6z with 5000mAh is totally useless

    But whereas, iPhone SE (2nd) which comes with 5W charger, here I can somewhat get a benefit of 7.5W out of these type of Wireless Set-up

    I now own RAEGR Arc 400 with a QC 3.0 Adapter , so 1800+mAh battery can easily rapid charge with it

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