Zenfone 7 Huge problem with camera, latest Sept Update 29.13.7. 24

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When you take pictures of faces in back camera or selfie mode, it extremely sharpens the faces and raises the contrast as well. This makes the skins uglier and unpleasant. How do I downgrade to the previous version? This is such a shame because I bought this phone to take selfies, now basically its unusable for me. How do I downgrade to previous version?



  • Thanks for the reply @Tagion but that doesn't help. So I decided to revert back and doe grade the firmware which lead me to deleting my entire phone accidentally!!!? I'm soooo upset and I'm starting to hate this phone, why do they call it firmware update if it destroys the front camera? This really ruined my week. The camera sucks bigtime

  • I'm soooo frustrated

  • Why do they even make the old firmware downloadable if you can't flash it? I tried everything, going to recovery mode and ADB but no it won't downgrade the firmware. I'm soooo upset somebody help me! Asus help me! U destroyed the front camera selfie quality and that is the main reason I switched from Samsung note 20!

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    You generally can't downgrade to older firmware on any phone. It's not ASUS fault that you wiped your device.

    I haven't noticed such a difference between this firmware and the older one in terms of camera quality

  • @Tagion Tha KS! I know it's not asus fault. I am saying the camera quality became bad when it was good in the beginning.

  • We haven't made it worse. Based on your description is sounds like you had the beauty filter active on the previous fw. Could be that it got deactivated during the upgrade. So please turn it on again and set your desired smoothness ;)

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    Hi, the solution is to set the beauty mode ON ( level 1 if you want a natural aspect ).

    One real issue with this device is that third party apps (instagram, WhatsApp, snapchat,...) cannot use the full camera potential out of it.

    For some reason Asus makes them use as selfie cam the ultra wide camera zoomed.

  • other apps use googles camera 2 api to communicate with the camera which is quite limited. I personally always take the picture/video using our own app and then import that in the app I want to use

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    @Anders_ASUS hi! I really appreciate the reply. Its not that it got deactivated. Even if i turn on the beauty filter, the faces looks really in high contrast and it looks extremely unnatural. There is a huge difference crom the previous FW on how it processes faces. I can tell the difference and now I am extremely unhappy with the selfie shots. With my attempts to downgrade to the previous firmware, i have accidentally deleted my phone, unlocked my bootloader (unknowingly that I cannot lock it again) thus, had my GOOGLE PAY APP unusable. And still not able tk gl back to the previous firmware. I was extremely frustrated and unhappy, I can't take pictures or people any more. And thanks for the advice, because even if I set to LEVEL 1 beauty filter, yes it does filter, but makes a huge contrast and shadows on the face and its just unflattering like before. Im extremely frustrated with the entire experience

  • @laurent.francois.elie thanks for the reply, even if I set it to LEVEL 1, it still renders the photo with high contrast and dark shadows, unlike before where it looks natural. I was extremely frustrated. And yes I agree, I Need to take pictures out of the instagram or whatsapp application and reload them inside the applications, because if u take them directly from instagram or whatsapp, the pictures look like they were taken from a phone camera in 2012, dark and full of noise

  • It's very hard to know if what you're getting is natural or not without any picture as a reference. Photos from other apps will always be worse and it's not a bug.

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    Hi this is the photo quality with beautification enabled. Faces look grainy and full of contrast and shadows. This is the latest update. Contrast and undereye bags are high lighted. Face is over sharpened. When i bought the phone 3 weeks ago, every shot was good even if u dont add beautification. Now its just all sharpened and full of contrast

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    Here is another example but with beautification off. Notice how the skin looks old, unflattering and dirty. Its not like this before the update. If i turn on beautificafion, it will be smooth but it looks highly filtered and full of dark contrast and shadows. Many thanks


  • I'm sorry you're not satisfied but we don't believe there is anything wrong with your camera.

    Our tuning improves over time but it does not mean everyone's taste is the same.

    I recommend you to keep the camera further away and then crop. This will remove some of that sharpness. You can also use the ultrawide and crop that.

    Or take pictures like you do now and edit them in the gallery to your desired sharpness

  • Thank you for the reply @Anders_ASUS. When the camera is far away, the face becomes much more worse.

    My frustration is that the tuning hasnt improved at this latest update.

    I understand when you say that everyone tastes is not the same, but if you zoom in on the photos that I sent you, hopefully you will see my perpective with regards to the software processing of the phone.

    I cannot use ultra wide as we all know that this lens is inferior.

    Due to my failed efforts to go back to the previous firmware, i have accidentally deleted all my files, unlocked my bootloader, and my Google pay doesnt work.

    I was willing to overlook all of that, because the camera on This was amazing on the past 2 weeks that Ived had this phone.

    As for now I have no ther option but:

    1) to take a photo, and re-edit them again (this ultimately takes away from the experience that I paid $1000 for this phone)

    2) wait for the next update (which hopefully I am heard by asus team) if it doesnt get fixed I have no choice then.

  • Provide examples from the previous firmware, so we can actually see the changes you're talking about.

    I haven't noticed a significant change in camera quality that ruins the phone like you said.

  • I can say that the sharpness is way too high on all the pictures i take with the asus camera app whatever it is a portrait, a landscape, etc. They do not look natural when you crop the picture in. However when you do not crop it, it looks ok.

    I think that you should use GCam by Wichaya and set the sharpness at your taste. The only drawback of GCam is that it is slower than asus camera app to take good pictures.

  • @Tagion sorry to be posting selfies here but im trying to support my claim. The first picture with the hat is the only pucture I have from the previous firmware before I accidentally deleted my phone due to trying to downgrade the firmware,

    The second one is after the firmware update.

    Both beautification off.

    The lastest firmware overprocess the pictures, high contrast and over sharpened.

    I understand some of people advised me to put LEVEL 1 beautification. But it just makes the face white and unnatural.

    Again Im sorry for posting the selfies.

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