Does anyone having very low earpiece volume in Asus Max pro m2 i am on android 9?

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Anyone having very low earpiece volume in Asus Max pro m2 i am on android 9 and having this issue now from last 1 year now nd Asus developers never solved this. Now pls can anyone tell me is this bug, software issue or Hardware issue.

I am using Jio 4g network.


  • I have Max pro m2 in my home but never had this issue especially in Android 9. I suggest you to test if this problem occurs in Safe Mode. If you are not having any issue in Safe Mode Format your device. Else you might have to visit a service center.

  • Hi, we'd request you follow the below steps:

    1. Clear system cache.

    2. Try the same under safe mode:

    Hold the power button for 5 seconds => When the screen flashes with option => Press & hold power option => You will get an option to restart in safe mode

    3. If still you face the issue

    factory reset your phone after taking a full backup :

    4. Last option would be to visit the service center to have

    a check. Locate here:

  • I tried all the options but nothing works..

  • its a software problem ,many user including me also facing this problem from april security patch update

    but asus isn't responding about this problem

  • I also have this problem only I have Zenfone Max Pro M1. I've already written about it here.

    The problem appeared after updating the firmware to 087.I listen to music and movies through the browser in wired headphones so as not to distract others.After updating, I found that the sound in the headphones is very quiet at the maximum volume level.I decided that the problem is in the file itself downloaded it and decided to check it in vlc media player but the sound remained quiet.In the player settings, I changed the audio output parameters from AUDIO TRACK to OpenSL ES and the sound became louder as it should be.But in the browser, the sound was still quiet.I already reset the settings to factory settings, but the problem remains.

    Please help who knows how to solve this problem.Waiting for a new firmware for a long time is not the fact that my problem will be fixed and Android 10 still has a lot of errors.

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