[ROG Phone 3] New Feature - Bypass Charging!



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    Thats what I questioned about but didn't get reply. I was excited for this. But if they want users to test new features then I can't say anything.

  • is this feature supposed to work only with proprietary Asus hypercharger charger or work with powerbank with PD as well?

  • Sounds like they haven't even tested the software properly before releasing it to the public. Sigh.

  • I used the feature but didn't notice any problem

  • I got the update for 0.70.....upon reboot the phone freezes in update mode for long time almost 1 hr and the status bar jus keeps running and led logo at the back keeps blinking.....had to hard restart the phone....after few hard restarts the phone reboots and gives msg not able to install new update....this has happened atleast 3 times....can some1 help

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    You cannot use temperature to determine it is charging, this is subjective. What if game working the phone harder? What if you have other apps running in background?

    You should download app like ampere, turn on bypass feature for the app.

    I tested it indicates battery not charging if it is turned on.

  • @CH_ASUS

    Anyone know why my rog 3 didnt got OTA update is it faulty device?,

    How do i refund global device?

  • I doubt it is fauly. FOTA rollouts are always staggered. For any inquiry about refund, contact your reseller.

  • Did you get it through a FOTA or did you find UL file online "not from ASUS"? I'll PM you as to not clutter this thread about bypass charging.

  • Is there a way to get FOTA updates? Ask to support?

  • No, if there's nothing specific about your device - you didnt buy it from dubious sources - it isnt a converted CN device to WW ROM by dubious resellers - and it is not unlocked - then generally you just wait and FOTA will come eventually. Always staggered roll out.

  • Now I charged to 80%, limit set to 80%, now seems like bypass works now to not use battery and stay at 80%!

  • There seems to be instance where Bypass charging when enabled, has a chance to run into a timing error with the IC.

    Resulting in bypass charging didnt work. Disable and re-enable would solve it. We've passed this back to our devs for study and future fix.

  • I tried it for the second time last night and it was working. The first time I tried it two nights ago it didn't work, battery still charged while playing, but perhaps after a reset or something, it was working fine last night, locked in at 87% throughout the whole gaming session.

  • I didn't get bypass charging update

    It's like almost every one got their except me!!

  • Hello

    When we will get this update in Lithuania. I'm still with version 17.0823.2007.58. I love this phone and can't wait until I get this update for heavy gaming.

  • Good day sir.. I just want to make a request.. Please make Volte available in asia especially in south east asia..

    I am from Indonesia.. I cant use phone call with ROG Phone 3 because there isnt any update to make volte works in south east asia..

    So please kindly to make the volte available in south east asia or maybe please make all the region can use volte with this ROG Phone 3..


  • I still didn't get the update on my ROG Phone 3 Global (WW) version. And my device is unrooted is still having firmware version 17.0823.2007.58.

    How and when could i receive the update, although i sent ASUS an email regarding the same, they just pinned me their link to "how to update firmware",which i had written to them and made clear that i already knew.

    Can someone suggest me any solutions?

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    rogphone 3 strix is noit working with bose soundsport wireless earbuds propperly when using for the calls . except that its works wery well when listening music etc only issue is when making or recieving calls . the sound is breaking etc . tried to connect my headset to other phoines etc works perfect . any sugestions what to do ? so pist off that want to bring back phone to the shop !!!!

    mod: removed your personal information.

    Can you please post this again as a separate thread instead, that way it is easier for everyone to help , as this topic is not relevant to Bypass Charging.

  • Why my rog3 global version 12/512 before update it ok the bttery life but the update release the battery is so fast to drain and the battery i did format but nothing change please help me anyone Dev pls because in my rog2 finally ok no more prob in.battery and no more heat isue in my rog3 the battery and pls the accurate in the battery usage how we found if what apps that can drain in oue phone i hope dev read this thank you

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