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Z11 Ultra or ROG 8 Pro?

Star I

Thanks to the recent leaks, the new Zenfone 11 ultra has been unveiled. And unlike most fans of the ROG and Zenfone lines I actually wanted a phone to look like this, more normal looking than the previous ROG but bigger than the previous zenfone. Plus comes in Green, my favorite color.

My original plan was to get the ROG 8 Pro, since the phone had all the features I wanted, plus a 3.5mm jack, 1TB of storage, and some pretty deep power customization thanks to the armory crate that form what I've seen can even set temperature limits for the chip and other stuff you'd normally need root for.

But seeing the Zenfone 11 ultra made me question my decision, since I can get it in green, has the fast charging, battery, size and screen I want and the only compromise would be the storage. M

My plan was to get 1Tb to have more over the 256Gb I currently have that already ran out. I might be able to live with 512gb

Also I don't know if it'll come with bypass charging, a feature I was looking forwards in the ROG 8. To use in general and not only during gaming.

What do you guys think? Price is not an issue for me so that's not really a factor. I care about the phone itself.


Rising Star II

Go for ROG 8 Pro for normal and fency customization for Daily use. Cause  it has IP 68 ratings too.

Rising Star I

I saw this comment on Reddit. It is a good question for those who want a powerful phone but are not 100% on the gaming aesthetic

My guess for the power features is he meant the profile customization in armory crate. And other small stuff like the bypass charging feature in battery settings.

I've heard you can install the armory crate APK onto Zenfones. If that's the case, and the bypass charge is included. And you can live with 512gb then I would go with the z11 ultra. 

Comes in more colors, has probably a lower price than the ROG 8 pro and you'd only be missing the side mounted USB port.

But if his intention was to get the ROG 8 pro edition for the cooler and 1tb of space I would go with it. Even if the software updates are limited that still means you'll have an updated phone for 3 years. This year with 14, next one with 15 and the next with 16. Then two more for security updates and by that point most people already switch phones.