ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • It's not just the Rog panel, there are multiple OLED panels suffering from this issue. You clearly didn't get the memo that even 60hz OLED screens do have black crush as well.

    I tested a Motorola One Zoom and it has indeed black crush as well, altho not as "heavy" as the Rog3.

    Another thing that I find very curious is that people here seem to have the idea that it's a hardware defect while also saying that the Rog2 had no such issues despite having borderline the same panel, only difference is that the Rog3 has a slightly modified version of the Rog2 panel.

    As for the entire "do you really think google forgot basics of image processing".

    Go to google and type: "Explained: Why this photo crashes some Android phones".

    nuff said. They have plenty room to improve on it and their lazy transparent white overlay they put on chrome and youtube is laughable. Which again, you can test for yourself by starting any youtube video and rotate it.

    As for reasons for black crush: Some will be caused by bad gamma levels, some by bad SDR to HDR conversion and others by both. However whats needed for a 100% fix would be a custom gamma level for each individual device and a proper SDR to HDR conversion, once that's in place the OLED panels can be fixed. However due to color shifting in higher brightness, also the feature to set the correct gamma level should be a thing for each brightness level in step of 10%.

    This is the only thing Asus could possibly do in order to get the best results possible.

    They should also integrate this feature in their setup of the device, taking an image that does a black level test.

    Then ask the user to set the gamma level until they can see all numbers from 1 - xx. If they do this, then Asus has already the optimal solution for the black crush issue on their phones from their side. I don't think it's reasonable to assume that Asus knows how to make their own SDR to HDR conversion, however this method will considerably lower black crush to an insignificant level like other phones such as mentioned the Motorolla one zoom.

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    Again you are mixing things up. What you said can be found all over internet. And I know about the image crashing fiasco. As you seem to have done all the research in the world on oled panels and ready to build a custom kernel and a rom(would love that to happen soon on XDA), I wouldn't argue much, just the fact to consider is ASUS had sometime after Rog2 to calibrate the panel and test it thoroughly with even higher refresh rate before end product was onto users hand and then having a fuss created about it. I would love to have a dedicated post from them about the issue and what they have done so far to ease out the panic everyone is having.

  • Hey asus team, i have installed the letest fota version but but still m facing heavy black crashes issues. Please solve this issue as soon as possible.

    Thanks team ASUS INDIA

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    after .70 update the issue seems to be reduces in certain app, but in the other hand the issue is now coming in max brightness (in games like MCOC) which was not present in last update.

    @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS could you please check this.

  • As much as I love almost everything else about ROG phone 3.

    Black crush is never acceptable part of AMOLED screens, I never experienced it on my Samsung phone or OnePlus 5 and I bet you will never find this issue on apple phones.

    So are we going to get a screen repair or replacement or refund ?

  • It is so sad that even while playing games I can see some black crush. This is my first time to have a flagship phone. I'm not like other people who can easily have this type of phone. It is a gift to me by my parents. Please don't let me down with this issue that I cannot avoid to see with my eyes asus. If this issue could not be fixed then there is zero percent chance for me to buy again future rog phones. Hope this could be fix asus.

  • Haven't posted here in a while, because it's always the same, and I never got any answers from ASUS.

    I was so excited, I had cash ready. Waiting and waiting, here in the US.

    September... Almost gone.

    And behold!

    The issue isn't with the issues inherent in OLEDS, or software, or hardware. The issue is that ASUS CRAPPED ON EVERYONE.

    These issues could not possible be a surprise. You release a phone, and all of a sudden, all your consumers hate the display issues?

    You buy a flagship phone, but.... You have to go online to find workarounds?

    How about having released a fully functional phone?

    How about some QC? How about not treating your customers, and fans like they owe you, as opposed to you owe them?

    I've asked until my I was blue in the face. I can't get answers from ASUS about simple questions - like when it's going to be available in the US, or if they postponed to fix these issues. And all you poor guys? You don't feel conned, at all?

    I'm done here. Not visiting the forum again, not buying a ROG phone 3. Not supporting ASUS.

    Life goes on.

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    As a ROG fan in general I too have high hopes on the dev team. ROG 3, My first ASUS phone. Still I am expecting a detailed post from mods or ASUS on the issue and their plan to fix it. Just one liners from mods in middle of all threads with this and that is of no use to users unless the display issue is not critical to them. I can still wait as I am the patient one but will surely poke around. But if the issue is here to stay and they release ROG 4 till then I will be pissed off, really pissed off as most of others. Wish at least they could come up with a replacement plan of whole digitizer. Because just imagine if this display cracks or breaks it will surely be at a price of a mid range phone. I really don't want that to happen to anyone. Imagine paying a hefty price for a display panel that you didn't enjoy to the fullest.

  • Bro I'm not defending Asus in anyway but till date iPhone has used only 2 phones with amoled panes and both have been below 6 inches and low refresh rate phones . So it's way easier to calibrate getting all the colours right . Also when those were released it was 1 lakh in India and in sure will be the same everywhere except US . ( Double of what we paid 😬😬) and in case of op and Samsung also again leave one plus and Samsung u take any phone company before 2019 none have black crush coz they didn't have so many things inside the phone. Now they focus on many others aspects so mess up some . Let's just wait and hope for the best or we have to live with what we have . Idk how bad it is yours but mines not too bad so I'm fine with it

  • Fellow rog 3 users. Guys, really believe this is a software issue. Try downloading screen balance app. Set the phones brightness to 85% and above, open the app and tweak on it, it will resolve the black crush issue. You can also adjust the brightness of the phone using the app, just set the brightness located on the notif panel the same.

    What i don't understand is, why is it taking too long for them to fix this.

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    At high brightness you are just compensating with the black crush. Wherever there is a dark grey scene display fails miserably be it local, online, browser, game everywhere.

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    That is such a wrong attitude about living.. just keep living with all the problem, like they are new normal. ... Sure we should accept what we have but we should always inspire to be better.

    Black crush screens are not even a step back in AMOLED technology. It's just straight up faulty screens.

    I just can't imagine people are okay with black crush. I will wait one or two months. Then it's consumer court for me.

    Black crush should never be new normal.

  • bro i just mentioned in my last sentence its hardly there on my phone . it can be noticed if i sit in a pitch dark room but i neither watch nor play in such a dark room . all phones have different levels of black crush and so is the case with op8 pro . although they accepted it there , the mods here are trying to make it better .

  • True. But no official statement coming from them. And if they really cared this much, they should have tested the products multiple time before releasing it to the market

  • True. Not happening on samsung a71 which i bought month prior to buying rog3.

  • Hahahaha feel you... I really did saved money for this. My first too...

  • I never met a single real buyer who will be okay with black crush. OnePlus did the right thing. They offered repair, replace or refund.

  • Black Crush issue in OnePlus centered around dc dimming and rog phone 3 not containing dc dimming

    The screen in the screen tests appears normal, but in applications the problem appears, I do not have it in all applications and videos only in some, but it is really annoying

  • Although I am not satisfied with the issue with a $ 1000 phone, the issue did not affect me because I do not like to use the phone while sleeping or in dark rooms.

    But I wish a verified publication clarifying this issue. I change my phone annually, but there are people who bought this phone and their salary was equal to 6 months and they buy the phone to use it for 3 to 5 years and now they have a psychological obsession about the black crush issue.

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    Doesn't matter if you change the phone in a year. I do the same. Only thing that matters everyone expected more from the device and it's not upto standards and released prematurely without proper QC. Good that someone is enjoying their ROG 3 without complains.👍

    Still waiting for that detailed post. Wonder if they read all this crap what we write and laugh at us.

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