ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Just got rid of my op8 pro due to display issues.. try watching the battle of winterfell on a op8 pro and a samsung s20 you will see the difference..

  • Guys I know we all have complaints regarding the display.. But instead of citing OnePlus and samsung devices, we should discuss about rog phone 3's display and make moderators notice the things.. Today is the last date of my replacement and I'm really sad about the display.. Hoping the best.. Moderators.... Please try to fix the complete issue by tuning the display properly.. @Titan_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

  • guys, everybody along with me are facing the issue. For me, all other aspects are great but the display has some issues. I have a temporary fix,

    so here are the steps:

    1. follow the youtube video "nAeZYLfvVSg", (as i cant paste the link)
    2. set the screen refresh rate to 60hz, we can agree that streaming dont need more than that
    3. set brightness to more than 40%

    My black crush issue got solved doing this, i checked on the GOT episode The Long Night.

    Give it a try and do post if it worked you you.

  • This is my First Purchase of a GAMING PHONE ive been Saving my money since last year to replace ng S8, Then in March 2020 ive Decided that when i have enough money im gonna buy RED MAGIC 5G. Then This ROG comes out i Pre-Order it Then Having enjoy to play it( GAMES) no PROBLEM WITH THAT but when im gonna Watch YT and NETFLIX before i go to bed .

    Im frustrated that my S8 is giving more justice to be used rather than this " SPEC KING " phone Tell me i made a right choice to have this ROG 3 rather that REDMAGIC 5G😥👉️👈️

  • I never noticed this black crush issue , but after OnePlus pro and recent released all phones I got to know about black crush , but I wanna tell you all that even this black crush issue is visible on one plus 3 , now compariny my new asus rog 3 vs one plus 3 by playing dark knight in Netflix both devices having same black crush type issue, I think we are really coming across such issue in various forums and because of that our eyes and minds are trying to seek for it and this is called placebo effect and I think on comparing one plus 3 and asus , asus does better job in Netflix videos both have AMOLED display

  • Buddy ,m using OnePlus 8 pro no single issue so far no crush Nothin u can shoot me some videos or episode ill share pictures of it

  • Good to hear that but my device tends to darken the scene too much..try game of thrones battle of winterfell..I couldn't see the scales of the dragon on my 8pro which was visible on my s20 plus

  • I have also faced same issue but with latest update its kind of working fine now I suppose. try configuring recent updates.

  • Don't know if the new asus zenfone 7 suffers from this problem or is it okay?

  • @databliz09 If you are worried abt netflix and youtube watching, install and use screen balance app. It resolves black crush problem

  • Same issue even after installing latest software update.

  • I don't want to stoop to your level of mockery and hate harbingering mate, but I'll tell you this; you are the only one who seems triggered by my comment and by the word "filthy" in particular.

    Just to clarify, I called the hate filthy and the kind of language used to display it. It was not at all aimed at anyone in particular. So your outrage seems pointless. Also, if the shoe fits you, you very well know where you are headed.

    Best of luck!

  • @Cpz Bro,

    I have contacted you on Instagram regarding the refund related query. Please respond. Flipkart has approved my replacement request, now i want to know, how exactly i can cancel that and get refund like you did.

    For everyone else on the forum:

    For all those who want to know, my device has black crush issue even after updating to .58 version.

    It is visible on all different refresh rates, even on 60hz and all levels of brightness mostly, if you observe it very closely.

    it keeps on increasing with higher refresh rates and black crush issue peaks out nearly at 50% brightness. (on 144hz and 120hz)

    And on another note, i would like people here to understand each other, rather than proving your point to each other.

    People are frustrated because, they bought this mobile for a higher price (mostly for everyone, if not for some) and the issue exists on their device. They can't do anything about it rather than posting here. Yes to get an update on it, if an official announcement from ASUS comes then people will be relieved at least for some part, until it is resolved by ASUS. ( Either by software or hardware, whatever it takes)

    Mostly the major concern for users here is, if this is a hardware related issue or a software one? if hardware related one, then they can claim in flipkart for a replacement(hopefully under the 7 days replacement time).

    But it is not going to happen, as to find out the root cause and to give the apt solution, it might take months of effort from the Devs and more importantly a valuable feed back from the users to ASUS after every update. Also the major part of the users will have issues based on their usage and environment, so the Devs need to find all the extremities in order to deploy a proper fix for this issue.

    I have lost the hopes that it will be resolved on a FOTA update, after trying the recent .58 update, as only brightness was tweaked/modified/adjusted (majorly for Netflix) as it is mentioned on the change log of the update. Also either the Devs nor the mods are confirming that it is not a hardware related issue. I know it takes time to find the root cause, but if you are saying that it will be resolved over next FOTA updates, at least acknowledge that it is not a hardware issue, that might give some confidence to the users here.

    For all the users, who are posting here for a solution to replace/return your device. I suggest you to return/replace it right away within the return period. As the process of finding the resolution for this might be a long process mostly. Come back here regularly and check the updates on the same. If the issue is resolved in future, go back and buy the ROG 3 (Its still a beast of a phone, except for that so called black crush issue).

    PS: I will definitely buy the ROG 3 back, if the issue is resolved in future. Thanks All.

    I have just shared my opinion overall, hope it helps someone.

  • well suit yourself,as a member of this forum I've just explained what have done is not good, it's upto you to learn from or just ignore ,all the best to you too

  • The black crush effect is still persist even after updating .58 version. Especially while watching youtube videos..

  • Hi everyone

    @Anders_ASUS @Admin

    The latest update .58 has switched off the wide colour gamut on the screen. Please do look into it.

    edited September 2020

    Even after updating the mobile..i am facing the same black crush issues...i thought after updating it will be solved but there is no change... really very disappointed

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