Want to buy Zenfone 6 but worried about motherboard issue.

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I'd really like to get this phone, but I'm concerned about the motherboard issue. I live in Japan but would be buying the North American version of the phone because I travel between the two countries occasionally and that's the version that has the most frequency bands I need. If the phone has the motherboard issue this would make it very complicated to repair, though. I'm willing to wait a bit, but would that make a difference? I don't know if the ones being manufactured now are any different than the ones from before they knew there was a motherboard issue.



  • Alright, Despite having a faulty device, I've been very faithful in the company and ZenUI 6's potential. But given the fact that you transition between 2 countries, I really wouldn't recommend buying the phone with the ongoing manufacturing flaw. I you were settled in one country the situation would be completely different. I would have totally recommend you to go ahead since you could just receive the phone, stress test it in extreme conditions over a week and you could return a faulty device very easily. But you might not be able to get a replacement while moving through countries. Don't get me wrong here, the phone is undoubtedly the best in the segment, just that in your situation, it would be highly tedious and maybe even impossible to get a replacement on time. Even the repair process would be highly painstaking if you travel frequently.

  • Yeah, I definitely understand. My current phone battery is dying faster but it otherwise fine so I can still use it for a while, but are they planning to fix the issue at a manufacturing level if I wait long enough? Or is this likely to be an ongoing thing and I should just find a different phone to buy entirely?

  • You have no worries about getting a faulty board fixed. That's assured. You wouldn't be paying for any shipping and most time, ASUS is shipping it to and from with overnight shipping. I'm sure if you have an issue with the mobo, their parts should be more available and reduce any wait times.

  • I believe in Asus I also want to buy a Zenfone 6, My Zenfone Deluxe 5.7 was already going three years October & I am planning to buy this incredible CP Zenfone 6, I hope it will be available here in Asus store dealer Philippines! I don't want to buy online , although my Zenfone 3 deluxe was bought through Lazada from Asus reseller in Hongkong ,mine was a US version! Thank you & I hope next year it can be bought here!

  • Hello I personally advice you don't but this phone instead of this you go for one plus 7

  • I highly doubt they will be shipping internationally with over night shipping. I'm not overly concerned about the price of shipping to them, but I would be very concerned if they expected me to pay shipping back which is also possible if they even honor a US warranty shipped from Japan.

  • As nice as the one plus 7 looks, it doesn't have a headphone jack which is one feature I want.

  • I've had two of them and they were fantastic for the combined 4 days that they worked.

    0/10 would not recommend

  • As a zenfone 6 user , do not buy this phone if you are not ready with the factory reset solution from the mods, i have been following this forum since i bought the zenfone 6. i saw a lot of people having problem with their phone, and all of the solution after you reset or restart your phone is , factory reset it. This is the worst phone i ever use, i am planning to sold it when i got enough money to buy another phone.

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    I would also recommend AGAINST buying this phone. It looks like phones with faulty motherboards are still being sold.

  • if you can't do error-reset factory-error-reset factory-error-reset factory-error-reset factory then don't buy it, i suggest to take realme x2 pro.

  • should have bought x2 pro or one plus 7, damn so regretting buying this phone

  • So many "USER" suggest not to buy this phone, and suggest to buy China's brand phone

    Is it some "marketing agency" were hired to start FORUM SEEDING on zentalk?

  • The backlash is quite obvious considering relatively high failure rate. You don't expect to get a 5-star review from a user whose phone died after a week. Most people here seek best price to feature ratio so recommendations to buy chinese brands are natural consequence of that.

  • LOL this guy, China's brand phone? where do you think ASUS came from? LOL, i am a zenfone 6 user, i can give you the screenshot of my usage of my phone everyday , we are just the customer that did not satisfied with this phone

  • Asus is actually Taiwan, not Chinese.

  • I'm purposefully bumping threads about this issue because Asus are pretending it's not an issue with these phones, even though it clearly is.

    There's no China conspiracy here, in fact I'm looking at getting a Samsung A90. It'll be full of their bloat but at least it might actually work.

  • lol Im a loyal asus user, before i bought zenfone 6, my phone was Zenfone zoom S and i loved it, so i upgrade to Zenfone 6 when it has been available on my country, but after using it as my daily driver for 4 month, well you know...

    1. Do I said ASUS is Chinese? Please point out where do I said Asus is Chinese or else please check your eyes.
    2. Dissatisfied? According to your previous comment from you, you can't play pubg smoothly while before .121 patch and yours ZF6 have bug about when taking photos on 48mp mode, also mad about the admin told you to hard reset your phone. Does admins know how you use your phone? Why they need to admit you phone have issue, all the zenfone 6 have the same issue? Only you have paid your phone and we don't need to paid for the phone? So, according to your comment on other post , you can try to back to iphone and see what will apple do once you have bugs on your phone
    3. https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/comment/46812#Comment_46812

    for those don't know what this picky user comment, please click the link above

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