Shutter Speed

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
Plz fix the camera shutter speed, it takes a second to capture the picture, in this 855 sd it should be the fastest shutter speed if you team could solve this, Thanks


  • Use 12Mpix mode for fast shutter speed. 48Mpix images will always process longer and Snapdragon 855 is not a bottleneck here. 
  • It is really difficult to comment on specifics as we do not know from your description in which scenario you experience shutter speeds being too slow.

    What I can say however is that shutter speeds will be slower if;
    48MP is used.
    HDR+ Enhanced is activated/enabled/triggered.
    Portrait Mode is being used.
    Night Mode is being used.

  • Take your time. The reason why you can take fast 12MP photos is because the system uses pixel-binning to make the dark and underexposed 48MP photo it captured during the short timeframe. In the same logic, if you want to get a good 48MP image you need more time since there is no leeway for pixel-binning. Actually, an unofficial HDR+ enhanced 48MP photo needs well over 10 seconds to shoot, hence why it is not in stock cam. 
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