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Hello again, 
I've been wondering about:
1. Smart Key actions:
launch 3rd party app - with that I could for example execute a task in Tasker;
Play/pause, next, previous track to control media playback;
2. Camera:
- ability to switch between normal and wide angle camera during recording (even if that would mean a second or two lag)
- feature in hovering camera controls for 3rd party apps that would allow switching lenses even if certain app doesn't support multiple lenses (i.e. Messenger - video calls with wide angle camera would be great).
Is it possible to see at least some of these suggestions in future updates? Or am I the only one who cares about them?


  • Poderia dá opções para esse botão que funciona com o assistente do google.... Ex: vibrar, silenciar 
  • Poderia dá opções para esse botão que funciona com o assistente do google.... Ex: vibrar, silenciar 
    Please use English. Google translate isn't very precise.
    You can set action to sound, vibrate and silent already. I'm talking about something else.
  • 1. We hear you and we will pass this info to our developers
    2. Thanks! We will consider this.
    3. I like this suggestion. It will be very hard to implement like your other two suggestions but I will make sure to forward all three of them to our camera developers.
  • Thank you :)    
  • +1 to this. Most other phones allow you to toggle between the different cameras (front, back, wide angle cameras).
    It would be great if there was an option to switch to the wide angle camera from the camera button in the bottom navigation bar so that we can use the wide angle camera in 3rd party apps.
    Also would be great if we were able to toggle between normal and wide angle cameras whilst continuously recording.
  • I have asked our developers and unfortunately it's not possible.

    If an app like whatsapp asks for camera 1, then it will get a stream with specific aspect and resolution. If camera 1 suddenly changes to camera 2 with other values, it will most likely crash.

    But more and more phones come with different lenses so maybe these third party apps will start to build in multi lens support

  • Thanks for trying.

  • Wanting to follow up on this...

    Is there a way we can adjust the settings to tell the system which of the two cameras (ie main camera vs wide angle) we designate as the main camera? That would solve a lot of problems as for people who want to use wide angle in social media apps etc can just have the wide angle camera as the default lens or switch it back depending on what their needs are. Also, if this functionality were to occur, it'd be great to be able to have a notification toggle that one could use to do the switch...

    ...Just trying to think laterally as would really like the ability to use the wide angle camera with other 3rd party apps.

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