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Resolved! Zenfone6 main camera focus issue

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: zenfone 6Firmware Version: 16.1220.1906.174Rooted or not: not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: always, since a few days ago after updated the firmwareAPP Name & APP Version (If yo...

Sim control widget request

Please add a Sim control widget in order to manage Sim card 1 & 2 settings.  Right now it is very inconvenient for user to switch between Sim 1 & 2.  Please provide a more user friendly interface for dual sim ZenFone 6 users.  Thanks.

plam by Star I
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Camera problem

When in use flash to click pictures at night time, there is a line coming in pictures on the right side of the picture. Is this is a software problem or a physical problem. Can you solve it?

Camera cannot flip

Asus 6z camera is not working properly. Problem in camera flipping feature.I am using brand new unrooted Asus 6z phone in India, on touching flip camera icon in Asus stock camera application to use it as front camera, it doesn't flips the view 180° a...

Best repair options

Hey guys. So a lot of people here have sent their phones to service centres to get them repaired. Some of you might have gone to service centres whereas some would have sent it through flipkart mobile protection. I wanted to know which one of those a...

FLIP camera shaky problem

Hello everyone, Recently my FLIP camera started to be shaky. If I touch on the top of camera when closed, it shake up and down on the left side (where not motor). This make the camera do a strong "KNOCK / KLACK" sound when start to FLIP. Especially o...

danjib by Star I
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Google Messages 'Chat Features' setting up indefinitely

I have Version A (According to Gearbest) on Vodafone UK and I haven't been able to get chat features aka RCS working. Tried clearing storage and hitting that Retry button when it's available but nothing. Latest .174 update.

Supra by Rising Star I
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Asus 6Z very low call volume in crowded places

I'm from India with latest update installed. I'm not complaining about voice call quality when I'm in quiet places like home or office. But in outdoor conditions / public places I can't hear a single word from the call. I have tried all volume levels...


The Wide angle video is not clear and focus

Google Assistant gesture in Zenfone 6

I have enabled gesture navigation in my 6Z. The swipe up and hold gesture for Google Assistant works fine but the hold duration seems a bit long. Ideally it should be less than or equal to half a second of hold after swiping up but in reality the zen...